Mount Wall Bars With Your Kid

Introduction: Mount Wall Bars With Your Kid

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Nice "job" to spend some cool time with my son together in sunday afternoon...

There is a wall bars (rib stall?) what we need to mount on the wall in his room.

The whole process was around one hour, and he really liked the mounting! ;) 

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Step 1: Tools

1. 4 x worker hands (2 big hand and 2 small hands)

2. drilling machine and drill bits

3. screws and anchor (hammer)

4. wrench

5. the place where we will mount the wall bars

6. the wall bars

Step 2: Measurement

Measure the perfect place where to mount the wall bars.

You need to mount it little bit upper from the floor, to have nice place to use it...

And of course precisely in the middle of that section to look nicely!

Step 3: Start the Mounting

Drill all the holes for mounting. Use the vacuum cleaner to minimize the dust when drilling...

Put the anchors inside and fix them with hammer. 

Step 4: Finish the Project

Insert all the screws and fix them.

DONE! Try it!

- big hands: me
- small hands:my 5 year old son
- photographer: my wife
- support: grandma ;)

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.

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