Mountain Board Into Street Carver




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Hi guys - long time no see - have a beautiful and simple instructable for ya to turn your mountain board into a really responsive street carver.


Step 1: Simple Beauty

Ok so here's the thing - I have a carver board (used as my landpaddle board) and it is great, but!, where I live is pretty rough in places so I bought a mountain board on Ebay thinking I would use it for going all over the place and not worry about rough areas - - was ok but compared to my carver the steering was too slight and needed a lot of leaning to have fun riding around obstacles etc.

When she was bought she was fitted with springs at both ends and rubber bushes within to give a rigid ride - all very good if your using a power kite but not so good for street work - - see image.

Step 2: Wow! - Nuff Said

Soo I was thinking, how could I get a ride like my carver - simple solution, take out the springs from one end of the board - - I cannot tell ya how great this worked but the ride is light, responsive and! if ya want to really dig into a turn then the lean ya use is juuuust so much more meaty.

As a side note - If you decide to try this, you will need some beefy clamps to compress the springs, oh! you'll get that bolt out but it will be a sod to get back in again.

All I can say is try this if you ride a skateboard but also suffer rough terrain or!! like the idea of blasting from concrete onto grass n stuff etc.

Big big fun.

See ya.

Step 3:



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