Desk/Table Mounted Stationary Cup

Introduction: Desk/Table Mounted Stationary Cup

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Today I will show you how to mount a stationary cup (party drink cup) to a desk or table leg. I did this because my desk is small with limited space and it was always a pain scrounging for my preferred tools. Anyway this is cheap easy and fun. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Will Need

Power drill
Phillips head screwdriver
Wood screw (any size)
Plastic cup

This instructable is for a wooden desk/table, so if you have a metal desk/table with steel legs you might want to use a nut and bolt.

Step 2: Marking Your Territory

After you have found that perfect screw and washer, you'll want to mark with a marker where you want to pre-drill your holes on the desk/table leg and the cup.

Step 3: Pre-drilling

Now that you have marked your positions, find the appropriate drill bit size you need to use and start pre-drilling! Carefully go in as deep as you think is necessary with the desk/table leg. And as with the cup I recommend carefully going in full speed with the power drill so you get sort of a nice clean hole.

Step 4: Screwing In

Now before we start screwing in, the cup has a rim around the top that could prevent the cup from sitting flush against the desk/table leg. So what I did was trim off part of the rim with a pair of scissors (see 1st photo). Now that we are ready, put your washer on the screw and thread it through the hole of the cup. The next thing is whether or not you want your cup at an angle like mine and if you're happy with that then start turning that screw in slowly into the desk/table with the Phillips head screwdriver until it's all the way in.

Step 5: The Hard Part

Now that you have completed all the easy steps, find out what stationary is your favourite and start filling! I hope you enjoyed this instructable and look forward to your responses. I take no responsibility for anyone who damages their property or themselves. Please take extreme care when using power tools. Thank you.

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