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When you have a bike basket, it's better to mount your headlights on your basket than on your handlebar because it improves visibility and illuminates the road better. Bike lights on your basket won't be blocked by the basket or the items inside. You'll also have more space for your handlebar accessories such as horns, bells, cycling computers and cameras.

Most bike lights don't have basket mounts and when they do, you can't tilt them. I will show you how mount your light to your basket. I used the Planet Bike Blaze 500 XLR Rechargeable Headlight for this Instructable.

Notice that when the headlight was on the basket, the beam was not shaded and when the headlight was on the handlebar, nearly half of the beam was shaded.

Step 1: Materials

  • PVC pipe
  • Black duct tape
  • Cable ties
  • Front light of your choice with its handlebar mount
  • Bike with a front basket

Step 2: Cut PVC Pipe

Use a hacksaw to cut the pipe to one to two inches longer than your basket's width. For mesh baskets, you want the frame of the basket to support the weight of the pipe rather than its mesh.

Step 3: Drill PVC Pipe

Drill four holes around the pipe every two inches. The holes should be wider than the cable ties.

Step 4: Cable Tie Pipe to Basket

When tying the pipe, you want it to be parallel to the handlebars to aim the light forward. Both sides of the pipe should rest on top of the basket for stability. The cable ties will go through the holes you drilled. They should be tightened so that your bike light won't drift. You can drill more holes if needed.

Step 5: Cover Pipe With Duct Tape

The duct tape is used to block UV rays which is harmful for the plastic. If the pipe is too narrow for your headlight mount, wrapping more tape will improve traction.

Step 6: Mount Light on the Handlebar Extender

After mounting the light, you will be more visible to drivers. Since the light is moved about a foot forward, drivers will see you earlier and have more time to react. Hopefully, more people will drive safely and yield when you have the right of way.



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    2 years ago

    Looks like you had the same issue and very similar answer to mine - basket getting in the way as well as contents of basket (plus ran out of handlebar space). Nice work - yours is much simpler than mine. Old photo - things get redesigned constantly

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Oh, the white thing is a cup holder made from plastic corner pieces - good for cans,, cups and 600ml flavoured milk (square bottomed cartons)


    2 years ago

    Great idea! It also means your sure the lights aren't being blocked by anything in the basket.

    Although I didn't have a basket on the front, I've used a similar idea on one of my bikes where I'd run out of room on the handlebars to fit my lights and gadgets. I used a length of pvc and used 3 other short pieces to act as standoffs which I shaped with a rounded cut in each end to fit the handle bars and the main pvc light pipe. To fix them together I used strong thick cable ties which I looped around the handle bar, through the inside of the standoff then around the light pipe and back through the standoff before linking back in at the handlebars. So, why three standoffs? I found with only two the lights had a tendency to bounce and pull the pipe downwards. So, the solution was to use two standoffs at each end going round the handlebars. The third standoff is in the centre but goes down at an angle and is joined in at the stem lower down in the same way, which acts as a brace and stops the lights bar going anywhere.

    Like you, I also got over the problem of the annoying shadow in the lights, but in my case it was caused by the brake and gear cables.

    Hope this all makes sense!


    3 years ago

    NO COMMENTS YET, Either people haven't scrolled down to see your invention, or can't do what WE CAN, most people are book learners & have NO COMMON SENSE! I have a feeling that you will invent much more! Need to start with a good tailight for bikes! Have you purchased a YETI cup yet, keeps ice all day!? They have come up with a cupholder made out of steel, to hang on window frames. Won't work on a lot of vehicles, since the hanger isn't wide enough! The cups don't have a handle, so I made one, crude, but works! First I tried a drawer pull and tried Velcrow, Velcrow didn't work, not tight enough. Then 1 day was at hardware store, found a gate handle, much more holding power for large hands. Then I remembered that I had a selection of hose clamps at home, workes like a friggin charm! CAUTION, if you get around to purchashing a Yeti cup, do not drop, as the rim of the cup will be damaged, thereby loosening the seal, which is eguipped with o-ring on the lid. Then you have to find a spot that doesn't spill down your chin, and be sure to make a mark there.
    Your's in CHRIST'S Holy name!!!
    Have a BLESSED life !!!!