Mounting Solar Power Bank Without Bike Mount




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This is an instructable of mounting solar power bank on bike using a rubber band.

Every time I've a rough ride, my bike mount usually fall off or worst.... broken!

The worst of all, what ever I attached on it will received the same fate (whether my smart phone or my power bank).

I'm sure you all have had a similar experience has I do.

This is my solution to the problem that I want to sharewith you.

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Step 1: What You'll Need.


    1. 5000mAh Solar Power Bank ($19.99 at )
    2. A rubber band
    3. A bike

    Completion Time : 5 minutes

    Step 2: The Band

    Firstly, I located a part of the bike to place my solar power bank. I found it at the T joint handle bar.

    I took a rubber band and make a knot under the T joint handle bar.

    Carefully, I pull the rubber band around and up the front handle bar.

    Step 3: The Ties

    I insert the rubber band in the power bank's hole and stretch it (I broke a few rubber bands in this step, so ... do it extremely careful).

    Then, I spread the band so that its loop under the power bank.

    Step 4: The Secure

    The band is nearly stretch to the maximum (I broke another one.... :-( must do the process again).

    Then, finding a notch under the handle bar's joint, I finally secure the band.

    What a relief!

    Step 5: The Charging

    Now, what I'm waiting for?

    Let's go cycling!


    If I leave it outside or if I'm cycling in the day, the solar power bank will be automatically charged (indicate by the green light).

    Step 6: The Benefits

    If I double click the ON button, the power bank will on the LED light.

    Or, I can charge my smart phone.

    You don't have to worry about your phone's power run dry whenever you're cycling.


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      Thanks for the gift.
      However, they don't sent to my country :(


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      Thanks for the gift.
      However, they don't sent to my country :(