Mounting a Headlamp on a Bikehelmet




Introduction: Mounting a Headlamp on a Bikehelmet

Everytime i use my mountainbike i hab the problem with the light. The dynamo ist nothing i really liked and i forgot many times my lamp which was mounted on the bar. It wasn't a good one, but if somebody has stolen it i had to buy a new one. After a while i used my headlamp under my bikehelmet but that wasn't so comfortable. So i thought about mounting my headlamp on my helmet.

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Step 1: Fit Holder for the Headstrap

At first i chose a glue and plastic for the holder. test the glue on the plastic an on the helmet if the properties are ok. But just glue on the plastic part of the helmet, because the most glues inclues dissolver and it will destroy the styrofoam of your helmet.
Fit the holder on your helmets shape and test it at first by holding your lamp on your helmet. after you glued it on the helmet it is irrevesible.

Step 2: Winteredition

In the winter i use a raincover for my helmet. so i can't use the holders. By after a while thinking i got a new idea. and so i took a smal piece of a rope, knot a sling and looped it throw the helmet as you can see in the pictures.  If i use my helmet on daylight demount my lamp and put the rope under the visor.
I pulled the lamps headstrap over the backend of the helmet. Because of the fact, that the cover is not so smooth it works also without the holders on the side.

Step 3: Improvements

Replace the holders on the side by velcro - the part with the hooks. It may also work.
On the front i think its impossible to do this, because the strap pulls to hard, if it's good fitting.

And excuse my worse english - because im from good old Deutschland.
Thanks for visiting this instructable.

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 3

    i just use zip ties and they work wonderfully. and when im don with the headlamp and want to put it away i just cut the zip tie. i even took off the strap.


    Reply 4 years ago

    nice variation!