Mounting for Stackable Storage Bins Made From Old License Plates




Introduction: Mounting for Stackable Storage Bins Made From Old License Plates

I got a ton of used stackable storage boxes from a friend so I've been looking for a cheap way to mount them in my shop.

I had a bunch of old license plates lying around, turns out they're quite suitable for this purpose.

You only need a bench vise or a joggling tool (I hope that's the correct translation).

It's my first instructable, so bear with me ;)

Greetings from Germany!

Step 1: Preparing the Plates

Simply use the tool to shape the edge of the plate so you can slip on the boxes.
Alternatively you could just use the vise to flatten the plates' edge (depending on how your plates look like) and then use spacers (i. e. nuts) when bolting it to the wall.

Step 2: Mounting the Plates to the Wall

...yeah, do that ;)

And then just fit the boxes. It's quite sturdy as well.

If you want it to look more neat or don't have enough plates, you could cut the plates in half horizontally. That way the boxes would hide the "mounting".



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    2 years ago

    "MI-LF"! :D Sehr geil! Gewollt? Oder zufall? ;)

    Ansonsten: Super Idee!

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    and the calendar gives "the touch"

    MILF !!!


    Jau, gewollt :] Kommt immer wieder gut an ;)

    Danke! ;>

    Honestly, I would have reserved for another use the plate beginning with "MILF" !

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    Haha, you're right. I didn't use that one ;)

    Here in Germany, the first letters determine the city you live in and the other letters and numbers can be chosen by yourself, if you pay extra of course :P