Mouse Pad Makeover


Introduction: Mouse Pad Makeover

In this instructable I´ll show you how I recycled my old, dirty, ugly mouse pad into a new one.

Step 1: Go Get Your Old Mouse Pad

Yoy will need:

An old mouse pad
some strong glue
a needle (not shown)
yarn (not shown)
any fabric you like (I used denim cause you dont have to sew around it too much.)

Step 2: Lets´s Get Started

Take off whatever´s on your mouse, fabric, paper, plastic whatever.
I had to wash mine cause it was all dusty so you might have to do that too.

Now take your fabric, place the stripped mouse pad on it and trace around it with a pen.

Step 3: Cut, Cut, Cut and Sew.

Cut around the mark and sew around the edges with the needle and the yarn.

Step 4: Glue It

Put some glue in the surface of the mouse pad and glue the fabric to it. Press firmly to eliminate the air bubbles.

Step 5: Tada!!!

You got yourself a new mouse pad. You can also decorate it or paint of whatever.

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    23 Discussions

    This will be my "Quickie Project" for the evening! Nice work!

    Recycling is not always about saving money, it´s also about saving the planet you know...of course I could buy a new one,here they cost like a dollar each, but hey, I rather buy some chips and a coke with that dollar And the old mouse pad wont end up in the landfill. I don´t need a hundred mouse pads, all I need is one, and I already have one that I can recycle, there´s no point in spending money in something I already have. BTW, Didn´t you read the "Be nice" policy thing?.

    i didnt think i wasnt being nice not being nice would have been along the lines of "blah blah blah this sucks" in my world time is money, i dont have an hour to recycle a mousepad that cost 1/5 of a penny sorry we dont see the same thing

    I see your point but It doesnt take an hour, I did it in like ten minutes (how much time would it take to go to the shop and buy a new one? Half an hour maybe? that if the shop is close but if it isn´t it I see why you haven´t post any instructables, You don´t have the time, you know what? browsing the web is time consuming too and if time is money you are loosing some serious money critizicing people on this site. Go make some money!!!! In my case time isn´t money, Time is MUSIC!. BTW: I´m not trhowing away the nylon fabric I´ll use later for another project hehehe. Want some chips and a coke??.

    Calm DOWN! Just because he disagrees/ doesn't have the same views as you doesn't mean you can explode at him.

    I´m not exploding, I try to be positive and smile :-). But negative comments trigger negative replies.

    No offense, but you're comment wasn't so ":-)" You also can disagree, but not be negative. Just a suggestion. :)

    He started it hehehe. But you´re right and I take your suggestion cause I´m not here to fight just to share the projects I make. Have a nice day!!!

    oh yea nevermind the solvents in the glue will cause more damage to the enviroment than the foam ever will, and your tossing out nylon fabric to the trash, which is a plastic product

    You may want to test your mouse (if it's optical) on the surface that will be covering the old mousepad.

    2 replies

    Optical mouses work fine if you use denim, I´m having no trouble at all using it, but yeah glossy fabrics wouldnt work. I also used the mouse over the desk surface but I was worried I could scratch it somehow.