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Introduction: Mouse / Rat Trap From Recycled Water Bottle

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This I'ble will show you how to Make, an extremely effective rodent catching device. This trap may also be used for "live captures". Got a rodent issue? You have come to the right place. Build this free trap and rid yourself of these pests.

These take less than a minute to construct, allowing you to build multiple units for severe situations.

Lets begin!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will only need a few basic items for this project.
They include

~ A 1.25L or larger soda / water bottle
~ Scissors
~ Tape
~ Craft knife

Step 2: Constructing the Unit

Cut the neck off the bottle. Make the cut about 1 inch below the threaded section.

Now make another cut about 2 inches down from the cut you just made.

Keep the two large pieces.
These will be our trap.

Place the bottles neck aside to use in a future project.

Step 3: Constructing the Non-return Entrance

Take the smaller top section (which will be the funnel) and cut some slices about 1 inch long down it, starting from the end you removed the thread/opening off.

Make the cuts at diagonals to form spikes. They do not need to be spikes, but have to deter the rodent from trying to climb/jump back up the funnel.

It should look something like the pictures.

Step 4: Inserting the Funnel

Apply some tape around the rim of the funnel.
Insert the funnel into the bottom of the funnel as pictured.

Fold the tape over the edge tp seal the funnel in place. You may wish to add a little more tape to secure.

Step 5: Trap Some Rodents

Free your home from these unwanted housemates.
These are suprisingly effective. I have trapped up to 3 rats inside, one 1.25L bottle in a night.


If you intend on letting the rodent go, simply cut the tape and remove the funnel. Make sure you drop them off far away from your property or they will return.

However if this is not an option or you feel the need to permantley dispose of the rodent, I would recommend a simple bucket of water. Put the bottle in and put a brick over it to submerge the trap. Walk away. Come back when all the drama is over and dispose of the entire bottle.
Preferably empty cotents and recycle / re-use the trap.



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do you lay the bottle down horizontal, leave it vertical, do you use bait in it? the trap sounds good, just need to clarify how to use it properly.

The best way to teach kids on how to use recycle cold drinks bottle

they will chew through this

There are many types of rat traps that you can choose based on the type of rodent. You must choose the best Rat Trap, that is right for your home. In general, it's easier to prevent rats, than try to catch them. If you have too many rats, you should to use electronic trap. I read few good advice in this post I hope, my message will help to someone.

Awesome idea, Just made mine and putting in some of my dog biscuits (something is going for it) and I'm not having any luck with mouse traps. So i thought your idea might be the one to track down the little tacker that is sneaking about in the night. I attached my trap.. Thanks again.

mousetrap 001.JPG
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Here's the picture of the top cover that I used, didn't any luck with it neither. I have laid a commercial sticky trap, didn't have any luck with it neither. It was sitting under my bed for almost 2 weeks now. Until my wife saw 2 of them running around, chasing each other like in a fight, as if not scared of humans. So she put it along their path where it passed through in one direction. Sure enough when it came back, swooop! Ssstick! And it caught it. Ever wonder about the other one? Well, as her story goes, the other smaller one then saw the opportunity to attack the stuck mouse. So it jumped into it like she's not watching. Here's they're picture.


I just bought it from the grocery. It looks thick solvent glue but something is added so it does not dry up so easily.

I found this recipe online for rat trap glue made with corn syrup and water:

I needed to make a large quantity for a prank on a friend. He's been doing some nasty stuff, so we decided to play dirty as well. (Luckily he has a buzz cut and we wont need to worry about his hair.)
There are also instructions I found for removing the glue using peanut or baby oil, - Beats me why someone would want to cook babies :) - liquid dish detergent, and shampoo.

Baby Oil is an oil used FOR babies! It is used with moisturizing their skin? I think that is what it is used for anyway. No babies are harmed =)

After a couple of days , it finally got in, but knocked it over and got out, So wedging it upright again caught something but this time it chewed its way out. So yay for catching.. But it ate off two spikes to get out.

This question may seem dumb, but I'm just curious bro, if the bottle is upright, how would the mouse be able to jump in to it. I mean, how big a mouse is our target here anyway. For small mice, it might not be able to jump in to it if its upright.