Mouse Trap Clipboard

Introduction: Mouse Trap Clipboard

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Create a totally cheap clipboard virtually anywhere with this clever Mouse Trap Clipboard. Grab some mouse traps, pliers, and an oscillating tool (I used a Dremel Multi-Max) with a flush cut blade.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

I picked up a cheap pack of mouse traps at Home Depot and found a piece of scrap wood in my garage. The great thing about this contraption is that you can turn virtually any wooden object into a mouse trap clipboard.

Step 2: Cut a Slot

Use your oscillating tool with flush cutting wood blade to cut a slot in your piece of wood. The goal is to make the slot big enough to fit the mouse trap wire, but tight enough so it doesn't easily fall out. (Note: If you want to secure the trap in place, you can use a wood shim in the slot after inserting the mouse trap.)

Step 3: Tweak Your Mouse Trap

Look at the image of an original mouse trap and the completed mouse trap. You will need your pliers to remove the metal pieces. As you can see from the design here, we riveted the copper piece with the teeth facing out to help grab the paper. You can skip this step and just let the wood of the mouse trap hold the paper. We also considered adding rubber feet to the area that makes contact with the wood as another method of holding the paper firmly.

Step 4: Insert the Mouse Trap

OK, now be careful. Open the mousetrap and insert the snapping wire completely into the slot. Make sure it is held firmly in place to avoid injury.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Mouse Trap Clipboard

You are ready to go. That was easy. There are endless uses for the Mouse Trap Clipboard. Think of all the uses and give it a shot. Make sure you share your ideas with us too. Thanks.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Another nice simple and effective idea. Now I have a use for that set of mousetraps I picked up at the dollar store! Those mousetraps are a great cheap way to get your hands on some small torsion springs. I knew I "needed" those mousetraps, but just did not "what for" at the time.

    Please share any other ideas that might be in your "drafts" folder.


    6 years ago

    just a thought? can't you just use the mousetrap like a big clamp making your board, "hitting two birds with one stone" by reminding people of the saying "how to build a better mousetrap" as well (that don't sound right, all jumbled up ..sorry)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice and simple! Don't get your finger stuck under that spiky part!