Mouse Trap Pistol

Introduction: Mouse Trap Pistol

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a mouse trap powered airsoft pistol.

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Step 1: Materials

  1. What you will need

Step 2: Making the Gun

The second step will be to place your mouse trap on top of the support piece and make two marks with you marker where you are going to drill your holes.

Step 3: Making the Gun

The next step will be to carefully drill trough the wood on the two markings we made in the previous step

Step 4: Making the Gun

Next you have to screw the two screws part way so that nothing is sticking out of the bottom.

Step 5: Making the Gun

Next you have to make the handle. take a piece of wood that you can rap your hand around comfortably and draw a line right above it, then cut it off.

Step 6: Making the Gun

Next screw the screws in farther until the handle is securely connected to the mouse trap.

Step 7: Making the Gun

Next drill a hole right in front of the handle and this will be used for a trigger.

Step 8: Making the Gun

The next step is to rmove any unecisary parts sic as a staple and fake chese in this one

Step 9: Making the Gun

Next take your piece of wire and bend one end of it so that it looks like a hook

Step 10: Making the Gun

Now take your fake cheese and tape it on with the dented side facing down. this is going to be what holds the bb's

Step 11: The Hardest Step Is

To enjoy

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    2 years ago

    nice instructable as soon as I buy some mouse traps I’m going to make that!