Mouse Trap

Introduction: Mouse Trap

Madeline Loveday
Taylor McNeal

Professor Schletter


17 June 2016

Move or Die: A Re-invented Mouse Trap Our creation is a flex sensor mouse trap that will trap a mouse and decapitate it as the mouse touches the flex sensor. This project is being brought together with the collaboration of 3D printing and computer programming in order to make an effective rough draft of an invention that is needed to showcase our brainstorming, creating, and learning process throughout the last couple of weeks. Using an arduino board and servo motor, we will put a spool of thread onto the servo and control it with a flex sensor in order to make the servo move as the flex sensor is bent. The servo will stop when the flex sensor is not touched. As the servo moves, dispensing the thread, the 3D printed blade, inside the blade holder, will move downward as the flex sensor is moved.

How to:

1. Gather an arduino, wires, servo, flex sensor, 10K Ω resistor, and a Sparkfun instruction book in order to follow the instructions for circuit 9.

2. Make sure you have the program and driver installed on your computer for the purpose of copying and running the pre-written, coded program.

3. Connect the USB to the arduino and your computer Follow instructions given in the book and then copy the given program, paste it into the arduino software, and click the forward arrow at the top of the page to make the program run.

4. Tie the thread through the loop in the blade and place the spool of thread on top of the servo motor.

5. Bend the flex sensor to make the servo move, causing the blade to move further down.


Arduino kit (USB,arduino board, wires, servo, flex sensor, etc)


Spool of thread

3D printers Patterns and Files:

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