MouseMod Project


Introduction: MouseMod Project

Surfing on I found one interesting tutorial how to mode one old mouse installing a LED on it. I had this old mouse hanging around so I decided to try it myself. So this is my mouse mod project. One of my first projects. I did it some years ago. :)

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Step 1: First Step

First opening the mouse, I could see one logic circuit, so you can try the pins until you find one that gives +5volts and ground.
Then I used a resistor to lower the voltage for the led. Not strong LED yet.
You can see a pictures of the soldered LED.

I also made some holes on the upper part of the mouse, so you could see the led.

Step 2: Part II

After some time, I decided to paint my mouse black, would looks much better, and change the led to something stronger, a yellow power led, worked wonderfully. So this is result:

Thanks for readying this quick instructables.

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    20 Discussions

    you should try to make it do a controled blink

    Too bad my wireless mouse runs only on 1.5v (single AA battery.) Only wired mouse i have are the two Apple Pro Mice and they already light up :D (on and the MS Intellimouse but its got a light too..)

    1 reply

    use a joule thief to make the led light from 1.5v, there are some instructables here about joule thieves

    Yeah! that would be a GREAT idea!!! like, add one of those small computer fans into it! I think I might actually do that!!

    How about this; making a magnetic mousepad, and then adding some magnets to the bottom of the mouse (same polarity). With enough surface area on the mouse, and restraint of the mousepad, wouldn't that be even more awesome?

    Well, you should probably say, "like in this project" so that people know where the concept is from, or even, "though I think someone has already made one of those". It means people have an idea where it could be from.

    what way would the fan blow , toward you cooling your hand or blowing under the mouse so it hovers both would be so cool

    great, now you are making me do this on all my electronics.

    I"m gonna point otu that it looks great, but what's the point for me if my mouse already has a little light in it where the scrolling thing is and it looks pretty enough for me? =P

    That brought me on an idea, I might put a led in my mouse in the up coming vacation, but you gave me an idea on were to put it, I'm thinking of some "cracks" (can't find another word for it... English is not my mother language) in the bottom of my mouse so it will look like a glowing bottom. But, doesn't a strong LED take to much power away from the mouse so that it won't move smooth in games? I know a LED doesn't use much power but a mouse doesn't neither...

    That looks great! You should think about painting the rest of the Mouse, I especially like the holes, very artistic Keep "Instructabling"!