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Introduction: Mousebot Construction

My mentor won these in MAKE's Kit-A-Day Giveaway.  We put it together for c4k. This is our second project and we wanted to share it with you.
Herbie the Mousebot is a very speedy light-seeking robot with functional whisker and tail sensors!

Step 1: Step 1. Checking the Parts.

We photographed and tried to identify the parts.

Step 2: Preparing the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Remove the connector tabs and use sand paper to smooth the attachment points.

Step 3: Soldering in the Eyes

This step was tricky for us. Make sure your IR sensors are on the side of the board with the mouse printed on it. Bend the IR sensors leads down 90° towards the flat side. Install it at PD1 and PD2. Solder in place.

Step 4: Preparing the Main Solder Pads

Load these pads up with a lot of solder.

Step 5: Assembling the Main Board, Side Boards, and Battery Board

Use the masking tape to help hold the boards together. Point the Battery Connector towards the wider side of Herbie. Once they are stable, heat up the solder in the main pad pairs to connect Herbie.

Step 6: Finish Soldering the Remaining Connections

There are 12 more places to solder to connect Herbie's body.

Step 7: The Backup Relay

The Backup relay goes in location RE1 in front of the battery connector. The pins will stick out through the top where you solder them in place.

Step 8: The 8-Pin IC Socket

Install the IC socket at the IC1 spot. Make sure you're using socket and not LM386! Note the notch position! Use picture number 1.

Step 9: Installing the LM386

Push LM386 into the IC carrier.

Step 10: Installing the 4.7k Resistor

Install resistor in the location R1. Make sure that you are using one with the yellow / purple / red bands.

Step 11: Transistor Installation

Bend transistor down 90° towards the flat side. Put it in location Q1so its close to the board where the straight line is printed.

Step 12: Installing the Power Switch

Put the power switch into the location C1.

Step 13: Installing the 0.22�F Capacitor

Install it near the C1 location but make sure that positive and negative leads go into the right spot.

Step 14: Installing the Tail Spring

Install the tail through the hole on the wider part of Herbie. Use a lot of solder to hold the tail spring to the solder pad.

Step 15: Forming the Tail Sensor Ring

Use paperclip to make the tail sensor ring. You probably need two pair of pliers to bend your paperclip into a loop. This was the hardest part, except when we soldered parts into the wrong place.

Step 16: Mounting the Tail Spring Ring

Put your newly bent paperclip around the tail spring. Bend the loop down so it goes through the hole in front of tail spring. Make sure loop is 9 mm away from the board. Solder in place.

Step 17: Preparing the Motors

Put the wheels on the motors. Wipe motors with alcohol or window cleaner so that DSST sticks better. You don't want your motors falling off! Cut the tape to fit your motors. Before putting tape on, make sure white dots are next to each other. Solder wire clippings to the motor leads.

Step 18: Mounting the Motors to the Herbie Body

Align the black part of the motor with the top of the pad. Put the wire clippings through the - M+ . 

Step 19: Installing the Nose Bead

Use paperclip leftover and bend 3 mm of the end of the paperclip up slightly. Put the wire through the hole on the front of the Herbie, through the bead and through the hole on the other side. Solder in place and cut off the extra part. 

Step 20: Installing the Battery

Snap the battery on to the battery board. For us, this was a pretty tight fit.

Step 21: Checking Herbie Operation

Shine a flashlight into Herbie's eyes. Turn Herbie on, put him on the ground and see if he goes toward the light. If not, check your manual for troubleshooting.

Step 22: Making Whiskers

Bend the sensor wire into w and bend 3 mm 90° up . Repeat for the second whisker.

Step 23: Installing the Whiskers

Put the whiskers through the sensor holes and through the whisker anchor. Make sure whiskers don't touch the edge of the hole. Make them look pretty and whiskery!

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    milanovic jana
    milanovic jana

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Since we won the kits from Make, we'll have to plug the Makershed ( But you can also get Herbie kits from Solarbotics and ThinkGeek.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I really like the idea, can't wait to see a Video