Mousetrap Tractor

Introduction: Mousetrap Tractor

Collect your materials:

2 rods
2 CDs
2 Cardboard cutouts of CD
4 Rubber bands
3 Wooden dowels
2m String
1 Wheel
1 Mousetrap
1m Duct tape
3 Large batteries
2 Paperclips

And collect your tools:

Hot glue gun

And optional items:

Duct tape
2 Peices of cardboard

Step 1: Frame

Drill holes in the wooden rods as shown. (First set of holes in front, first picture, are not needed.)

Step 2: Wheels

Glue cardboard cutouts and CDs together with hot glue.

Step 3: Wheels/Axel

Put the axel through the back hole and hot glue wheels to axel. (Use extra cardboard prices to hold wheels while glue dries if needed.) Do not glue the axel to the hole in the wood.

Step 4: Frame/Rubber Bands

Put a wooden dowel though the hole in the front. Loop three rubber bands through the dowel.

Step 5: Rubber Bands

Tie a string around all three rubber bands. Then tie and glue the other end of the sting to the back axel.

Step 6: Wheel

Center the wheel in the front use duct tape and a rubber band to secure it. Then secure the post with the rubber bands with hot glue.

Step 7: Mousetrap

Hot glue the mousetrap to the front of the tractor. (Make sure the hammer of the trap goes to the front when released. )

Step 8: Arm

Duct tape a dowel to the hammer of the mousetrap.

Step 9: Arm

Tie and hot glue a string to the end of the dowel attached to the mousetrap.

Step 10: Axel

Tie and hot glue the end of the sting to the back axel.

Step 11: Counterweight

Duct tape two batteries together. Then make two nets using two strips of tape. (Tape the sticky parts of the longer and shorter strips together.)

Step 12: Counterweight

Tape the net to the back of the vehicle. (Make sure the smaller strip faces downward. )

Step 13: Counterweight

Place the batteries on the net and secure with duct tape. Place the second net halfway through the vehicle. Place and secure a single battery with tape.

Step 14: Hitch

Secure two paperclips to the back of tractor.

Step 15: Test/Redesign

Test and redesign as necessary.

Step 16: (Optional) Decorate

(Optional) Decorate your tractor.

Step 17: Finish

Enjoy your project and pull some weights.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Mousetrap cars are so much fun. Thanks for sharing yours!