Mousetrap Tractor

Introduction: Mousetrap Tractor

How to build the mousetrap tractor

Step 1:

First you need your materials.
-Two small Records
-1 mousetrap
-1 ruler
-1 wooden Squier
-1 wooden block
-4 pieces of duct tape
-As many paperclips that are needed(depends on the size)
-4 double 00 stoppers for test tubes

Step 2:

Step 3:

You take one of the pieces of duct tape and put it on one side of the record to make the hole smaller. Then you take another piece of the tape and put it on the other side of the record. After you have done that then you repeat the following steps for the second record.

Step 4:

First you poke the squier through the duct tape in the middle so it creates a hole. Then you do the same thing to the other record.

Step 5:

Then you put one of the test tubes on the squier and then put the squier through the hole in the duct tape and then you put the other test tube on the out side of the record. After you have done that then you hot glue the test tube to the record on both sides so it will make the record stable.

Step 6:

Finally you hot glue the mousetrap on the wooden block and cut out a small square at the bottom of the mousetrap. After that you drill a hole on the sides of the mousetrap that is attached to the wooden block. Then you stick the wooden Squier through the hole in the mousetrap and attach the other record. After you have done that you take a paper clip and unbend it.Then attach it to the snap trap part and hook the other end of paper clip to the wooden Squier.

Step 7:

After you have done all the steps your mousetrap is ready for action! Then you take a pair of wire cutters and cut the paper clip and your mousetrap should go.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great looking mousetrap vehicle! I've always found that they either work really well, or really poorly. I'd love to see a video of yours rolling around.