Introduction: Mousetrap

if you ever wanted to make a mouse trap powered car then heres your chance. This is for a class so don't expect anything great.

Step 1: Step 1.

you will need 1 mousetrap

4 used cds

1 styrofoam tray

2 bbq skewers

2 1/4 dowels

2 balloons

10 inches of string

5 zip ties

1 needle nose pliers

1 hot glue gun


Step 2:

Take out all the staples with the needle nose pliers. Take off the cheese piece. Make sure to keep all the pieces for later. Take off the copper arm and the staple holding it down.

Step 3: Attach the Mouse Trap to the Foam Tray

Cut out a v shape on the foam tray then take the mouse trap and make the v on the trap facing to the v that you just cut out.

Step 4: Attach the Power Arm

You tie the zip ties on one side of the mouse trap but not all the way so you can put the skewer in. Next you put the skewer through all 5 of the zip ties then tie them all the way then cut the skewer to 16cm and cut the tips of the zip ties.

Step 5: Attach the Dowels

take your hot glue gun then glue the dowels on both sides facing where the v is cut out. Next you cut your 2nd bbq skewer so it touches both dowels once you glue them on.

Step 6: Step 6. Attach the Straws

Cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard then fold them vertically and glue them shut and hot glue them to each side of the dowels at the top. Next take one of your straws and cut it in half and glue them on each piece of cardboard facing each other.

Step 7: Attach the Grapple Arm

Take your copper arm that you pulled out of the mousetrap and bend as best you can to a 90 degree angle with your pliers. Next you glue it on the middle of the dowels.

Step 8: Attach the Wheels

Cut out four square pieces of cardboard and tape it on one side of the cds then take the skewers and poke a hole through the cardboard and glue it shut and do the same with the rest

Step 9: Attach the String

Tie a string to the skewer on your mousetrap then get some medical tape and tape it so it doesn't fly away then tie a loop on the other side of the string and hook that string up the the copper arm that you glued on the dowels. All thats left is to wind it up and watch your car go.



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    These mousetrap cars always seem like fun :)