Mouth Organ




Introduction: Mouth Organ

How to make mouth organ from old markers

Step 1: What You Need

minimum 8 markers

2 stick


Step 2: Cut Markers


Step 3: Close


Step 4: Cut Markers

every next marker cut 7mm more

Step 5: Tie

tie all markers together

Step 6: First Stick


Step 7: Finish

how this work, see video. Good Luck



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    24 Discussions

    XD, i thought there was a lot of commotion from what i meant to say, i meant to say the tube part without the tampon, not a used one..ahahaha, i was wondering why everyone was so freaked out 

    The plastic part probably won't be a great thing to use though because that's the "applicator."

    not rlly, well, if there not used i dont see any problem with that.....

    Or actually pan flute. But anyways the sound of that was much better than I'd except from those markers. Great!

    What do you close up the marker with ? Doesn't look like you put the top back on, right ? awesome idea ! Want to make it for my grandson !

    I used one and cut it little y little to get the right note, and use it to tune my guitar and sax