Movie Guide

Have you ever found yourself not understanding a movie quote,

have you ever been left out because everyone else had seen a film that you hadn't

well stop doing that, just watch the films.

These films will shape anyone, they are all a good watch and all have a deeper meaning.

This movification can be undertaken at any point in time by anyone.


Step 1: 1. Bean- the Ultimate Disaster Movie

To start off your Movie education we have a comedy straight from the 90s.

Mr.Bean started out as a sketch show for kids in the UK in the 80s.

This feature film sees the clumsy idiot hero travel to the USA to represent the national gallery or the UK at the California institute of art in LA during the un-veling of the prestigious "Whistler's Mother".

Bean goes to stay with a senior employee at the Museam, the anxious Kevin.

The film sees the duo in all sorts of problems, having to ballance Kevins young family, a fully LA character set, as well as the pair trying to come to terms with eachother. WHo knew Bean could be such an ideas guy....

It makes this list because it shows us to stop worrying about the small stuff and just to go out and live.

Step 2: 3. the Right Stuff

This epic based on Tom Wollfes book of the same name covers the begining of the space race. It starts with the flights of Chuck Yager at Edwards air force base trying to break the sound barrier. It focuses on the unspoken code between pilots on their way up the "Mighty Ziggurat" of the flying world and the fraternaty of the Mercury 7 astronauts as they summit its peak. The book is also a good read however the film makes a good job of it. It makes the list becaue of its humour concearning the Pilots themselves, the inspiration of their characters and their ambition, and the adventure they all share in trying to push the envilope of flight out into space.

Step 3: Back to the Future

This film needs no introduction. One of the all time greats This funny, Happy, yet deep sci-fi adventure features michael J Fox traveling back into time in his friend Doc- Browns Delorian time machine. Meeting his younger parents and finding out a little bit more than he might have wanted to Marty McFly must try not to have any effect on history to maintain his future existance, including but not limited to getting with his mother and fighting his dad bully. Dont worry, its not that weird. It makes this list because like many other greats it covers an adventure, a love story, a friendship and somehow makes it easy to understand.

Step 4: 10. When Harry Met Sally

Another New York classic this film covers 30 years of a non relationship between two perfectly mached/ match made in hell, lovers, friends, haters... its complicated. With another great soundtrack and some great lines this film is a really great watch. It is funny, Captivating and with a great setting who could miss it. This film makes the list because as a cult classic its timeless fun is worth every watch. Equally however it portrays two people who dont change in the slightest throughout the film, yet through being imovable they draw closer together. (it did take 15 years.

Step 5: 5. Ferris Beulers Day Off

One kid skipping school with his friends for one final day of fun. This film is litterally about one day, one epic day, the tree protagonists go out on a proper bender. The hero Ferris and his superhuman ability to do anything inspires all of us. Guys want to be him, girls want to have him sort of thing. Ferris makes this list becase it somehow manages to have deep meaning in one of the funniest feel good films ever. From the anxious best friend to the admiring girlfriend to the bad cop headteacher Ferris manages to navigate the whole world on his way to having the best day of his life. Oh and the car is epic.

Step 6: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This is another teen film that makes the list, based on a great book by Steven Kuwbawski and with another great soundtrack it follows Charlie as he joins high school and becomes friends with much older kids. The Misfit seniors prepare to complete their high school education whilst eh only begins his, adding to this he is coming from a period of serious childhood troubles. Charlie shows us that it doesn't matter who you are, what you say or what you do, people hear what they want to hear. Some of the most powerful lines in any film acompany some of the funniest moments. This great mixture of a film is a must watch and makes this list because it gives a fresh view of a coming of age story complete with great performances from all the cast most specifically from Emma Watson.

Step 7: 8. Aurthur (1983)

This film makes the list as a true classic. Set in New York in the very well off life of the fully grown man Child- Aurthur, his caringly sarcastic nanny Hobson and the driver, Bittamin. So much better than the modernised version this british billionare in the big apple accidentally falls in love with a less well of girl from the Bronx. He takes on his father and must decide between her and no money or the truly terrifying Susan and 32 million.( and some epic cars) its not as cheassy as it sounds. This makes the list because it really is a late bloomer comming of age, we see the values of Aurthur shift, whilst always showing off his great sense of humour.

Step 8: Oceans 11

This film makes the list as the best robbery film ever made. Staring George Clooney as the dapper Danny Ocean, big time thief and ex-husband. With the help of his sidekick played well by Brad Pit the pair put together a team of 11 unlikely thiefs who go up against the biggest casino big boy in Vegas. The only complication is that they all have some form of vested interest, and the casino is better defended than fort knox. If It takes a few watches to understand how the hell they pull off the actual robbery it is worth every minute, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving. This one makes the list becasue like all the others it really isnt about the theme. Sure the robery is a great scheme but more important is Danny juggling all the people in his life. It makes excelent work of examining each of the Characters and isn't without a lot of laughs.

Step 9: Remember the Titans

This incredible film was origonaly made for kids. It follows a 1960s high school football team as they struggle with racial integration. A fantastic soundtrack follows them from being completely divided amongst themselves and unable to play at any level through coming to terms with each other. The film then watches as the rest of the world fails to understand the incredible bond between the players. They come out on top not beacuse of any great sporting ability (and against serious predudice from even the refarees) but beacuse of their bond with each other. It makes your Movie Education list because of how well it shows the importance of unity and persaverance.

Step 10: Top Gun

This is a beautiful film with a lot of personal meaning to me. Following Maveric, the risky fighter jock navy pilot, and the most beautiful thing ever, the tomcat f14, no sorry, Charrlotte Blackwood and their budding romance. (The girl not the plane). Maveric's arogance puts him against the other pilots. This film shows him change as a person and as a pilot through a great friendship and some epic flying. What an incredible film it is too, great shots in the air as well as a great theme. This one makes the list beaucse it has a great mix of real deep meaning, and some epic flying.

Step 11: Rudy

Rudy Ruettiger (Sean Astin) wants to play football at the University of Notre Dame, but has neither the money for tuition nor the grades to qualify for a scholarship. Rudy redoubles his efforts to get out of the steel mill where his father works when his best friend (Christopher Reed) dies in an accident there. Overcoming his dyslexia thanks to his friend and tutor, D-Bob (Jon Favreau), Rudy gains admission to Notre Dame and begins to fight his way onto the school's fabled football team. The theme of the film is never to quit. Rudy never does and from the most unlikley begining he gets there in the end.

Step 12: The Dead Poets Society

STand out from the crowd and do what you think is best is the key message of this Robin Williams showcase.

At a highly exclusive boarding school, with pressure from austere parents a group of senior English students are asigned the excentric Mr.Keeting (Williams). To emphasise the messages of the film Williams shows the students that life isn't about getting into Harvard, or making people happy. Ripping up text books, jumping on desks, poetry reading ina cave, this film is one of the greatest ever made.

Step 13: 12. Cassablanca

Weel always have Paris- yep that was Cassablanca, get over the black and white and this King of the classics is such a great watch. Bringing together some epic characters with an even more epic soundtrack. This wartime classic shows us a great love triangle and the mental journey of one Rick. It also showcases the struggle in a french colony against the Nazi regime, intertwined with a conflict of interest. Some of the greatest character performances ever made, if a bit aged. It makes the list because like no other film ever this one brings together so many different plot themes to a spectacular finale, one that is famous beyond film. Oh and the begining of a beautiful friendship....

This one is actually a perfect film.

Step 14: 13. Breakfast Club


This Incredible film is timless in every aspect. A simple premace, 6 Teenagers in Detention on a saturday, an angry deputy princaple and a janitor. Really that is it. Its 6 kids, a brain, a princess, a criminal, a basket case and a jock enter the room in the normal way, split down into who they thought they were. Jud Nelson delivers a great performance as Joh Bender the chief protagonist, in attempting to annoy the rest of the group he creates a cataclysm which cases them all to realise that the barriers they first percived between each other are only in their heads. The meaning of the film is that we are all a basket case, a criminal, a brain, a jock and a princess. Witha great soundtrack this all-time Brat pack classic covers only 8 hours of their lives but has meaning for everyone at any time.

Step 15: 11. Batman- the Dark Night

This one is truly incredible. It copps 2nd spot as one for centurys to come. A moralle battle from within the characters set in an imorrale world; The Dark Knight challanges us to consider our own decissions.

A Perfect performance from Heath Ledger as the protagonist "The Joker", showcases the classic theme of Bruce Wayne, billionare by day crime fighter by night. The theme is incredibly dark yet also uplifting. It acts as athriller an action adventure, and a romance. Wayne must make the right decissions not the easy ones. The dark Knight shows us teh divide between good and bad and yet also how it differs to good and bad. The Jojer isnt out to make money, gain power or form any kind of benefit to himself, he merley wants to create madness. To break Batman he understands that violance wont work. A key theme in the Dark Knight trillogy the Joker destroys Batmans hope for the future and in doing that we see the real moral behind Batman. The darker the situation the greater his strength. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an imovable object. Madness.

Engaging from the start this one makes the list for all of the above reasons.

Step 16: St. Elmos Fire

I could write all day about this one. The top film, the one you save for last is about absolutely everything. & friends, the full brat pack, must deal with being thrust into real life out of college. They all want a carear and they all want eachother. Much like the brekfast club and with almost the same cast this one shows us oursleves split into 7 different charcters. It is a classic love story goe wrong, with two love triangles and then another square...

St.Elmos fire can be watched again and again, it has the ability to put anyone in a good mood anytime of any day. Set in Wahington and not without a bit of political satyre. A group of recent college graduates embark on a series of misadventures in the real world. There's Kirby (Emilio Estevez), a waiter who wants to be a lawyer, his fleeting love infection with an old date obsess him; Kevin (Andrew McCarthy), a moody writer who yearns for Leslie, and the meaning of life; Alec (Judd Nelson), whose political aspirations alienate his girlfriend, Leslie (Ally Sheedy) ; The wild Jules who tries to hide the collapse of her Fabulous (with a capitol F) post-college life. Wendy (Mare Winningham), a quiet rich girl determined to help others, she is also in love with Billy (Rob Lowe), who juggles roles as husband, dad and drunk. The film features passion in every different light.

This film makes the top spot because there is nothing more it can give, perfect in soundtrack, performance, length, setting, cinamatography and plot. Enjoy this one on your own.



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