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Have you ever wondered what the perfect gift for anybody? I have found it! A movie basket is a perfect way to give almost anybody the simple yet fun, movie night they want. You basically pack a bunch of stuff that you think would make the recipient happy.

P. S. I am entering this in the Holiday Gift Contest so please vote if you like it. Thanks!    :)

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Step 1: Acquire Materials

First you need to get your materials. I used a box of Jolly Ranchers Gummies and Mike and Ikes, but any theater box candy will work. I am still hunting for the plastic popcorn containers that are like the ones at theaters but because I live in a small secluded town I don't have the Target dollar section at my disposal. I am not, although it would be an option, including any type of fleece throw or anything of the kind because I am on a budget. You can either buy a movie, or just get a free rental ticket from your local Blockbuster. Another good thing to go in your basket is the popcorn you buy in the jumbo bags that just seem like everyone likes. Finally, just something to put it in.

To put it short: (And remember, everything is optional and customizable)
A movie rental ticket or movie
Theater box candy
Popcorn bowls
Fleece throw
Favorite Pop
Something to put it in

Total it adds up to about fifteen to twenty dollars.

Step 2: Put It Together

The last step is to arrange the materials in the basket or whatever you've selected to hold the materials. I used a box that I cut with the back tall, the front short, and the sides slanted (see picture two and three). Cover the bottom in tissue paper or something else creative and arrange the items to make it look appealing. It might be hard to wrap so you might have to put it in a bag or a box if you want it to not to be seen. Don't forget that you can customize it however you want. And remember, please vote if you like it.

Thanks! It is my first Instructable.    :)

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