Movie Night for Kids

Introduction: Movie Night for Kids

Step 1: Make the Bed

To make the bed, you need to put a blanket on the ground and since I only have two kids I only put two pillows on the blanket and then add as many blankets at they need to be comfortable.

Step 2: Pick the Movie

Depending on the kids age that's the movie you choose. Since these kids are 7 we are watching Puss In Boots. However you can also pick it depending on the season... Christmas, valentines day etc.

Step 3: Perfect Lighting

Dim lights is key if you are watching a movie. If you have too much light coming from a door or window just take a blanket an put it on it. I had to do this with the door.

Step 4: Make the Food

Depending on what movie your watching you choose according to that (usually pop and popcorn). But since it's December we are having hot chocolate and candy canes.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now it's time to enjoy the movie with your kids:)

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