Movie Under the Stars!

Introduction: Movie Under the Stars!

This is a very fun way to watch your movie's at night. It's a movie theatre in your own backyard!

Things you will need to make your outdoor theatre:

A Staple Gun

An White Sheet



And for added comfort when watching your movie, pillows, blankets and cushions.

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Step 1: Get Out Your Staple Gun and Sheet. Staple the Sheet Onto Your 2 Posts or Trees.

If you are going to do this along a fence you might need duct tape and duck the sheet firmly onto the fence.

Step 2: Get Out Your Projector, Set It on a Table and Hook It Up to Your Computer.

Step 3: On Your Computer, Go to Your Movie File and Play It.

You will get the best results when it's dark out.

Now gather your family and friends and watch your 'Movie Under the Stars!'

Thank-you for reading!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    My kids would love to have their friends over for a movie under the stars! This looks so simple and fun!