Moving Airgun Target




Intro: Moving Airgun Target

Getting bored of shooting at paper targets?

Is plinking tin cans to easy?

Maybe it is time for a moving target, it is easy to make and it costs near to nothing. This project can be completed under an hour and there are no powertools required.

My balloon spinner might look a bit sketchy but it was the best I could do with the tools, time and materials available. I really wanted it to be fully made out of scraps and easy to make for everybody.

Sorry there are no step by step pictures, i will try to explain the steps as clear as possible.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

•set of pliers
•(optional) soldering iron

•An electronic motor (mine came from an old radio, also found in DVD-players, hairdryers,...)
•A piece of wood
•counterweight (I made mine by melting used lead pellets)
•iron wire
•small PVC-pipe
•bearing roll (I don't know if it is the right term), it came from a broken lawnmower, alternatively you could place the PVC pipe over a fixed metal rod that works like an axle.
•(optional) soldering tin
•big battery

Step 2: The Axle and Motor

To make a snug fit between the PVC-pipe and the bearing roll, I put some tape around the pipe. The tape also provides more friction for the rubberband.

I think you could replace the bearing roll by a metal rod, it is less fancy but it works. The rod can be attached by drilling a hole in your block.

The bearing roll is secured by ironwire, just like the motor. You can put a lot of tension on the wire with a set of pliers, it is very sturdy. For maximum effect, make cuts in your baseblock so the ironwire is kept firmly in place.

Step 3: Details

The way you connect your motor to the battery only influences in which way the axle turns, don't be afraid for a short-circuit .
For easy connection with the battery, I made braces from pieces ironwire I cut off while adjusting the tension
around the bearing roll ( used a tiny piece of soldering tin laying around to keep the recycling-streak going).

To adjust the difficulty level, remove or ad friction to the axle, e.g. by running the rubber band a few times over the axle.

Make small cuts in the straws for easy attachemt and replacement of the ballons.

Step 4: Disclaimer

Always be cautious when using an air rifle, it is not a toy and can cause permanent and serious damage to property, people and animals! Make sure your pellets fly in a safe direction!!!

TIP: Place a tilted wooden board behind your target, place it so the front of the board (side facing you) makes a corner between 20° and 60°. It will avoid ricochets that fly towards you and keep the lead out of your yard.

I made a delicious rabitstew in one of my previous tutorials, I bought the rabbit in the grocery store. I have never shot or will ever shoot an animal with an air rifle. I understand people who have to do it for food but it shouldn't be done in other situations. If your vegetable garden is plagued by birds, It is sufficient to hang old CD's in your garden, place empty plastic bottles over sticks or run into your garden like a madman and do your best impression of a windmill ( or simply place the working target in your garden).

Step 5: This Is How It Looks

A little clip of the working machine. (mp4 and GIF)

I hope you will have fun with it!



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    Clever idea. That would make target practice a lot more interesting.