Moving LectureNotes Source File Destination

About: Hi folks! My series of tutorials was originally created for the first generation Samsung Note 10.1. I no longer use this tablet, so I won't be of much help!

The LectureNotes backups are stored in the same folder as the application, so if you accidentally delete the application, it is possible your notes may go with it. I moved my notes to a new folder I created called "LectureNotes" and then I used Terran White's Method to copy that folder to my dropbox and my external SD card.

Terran's method to backup a folder using DropSync Pro:

Beginning again at the LectureNotes board, we are going to make a backup of the notebooks board, and restore the board once we have changed the directory location.

Step 1:

Begin by selecting 'Backup Notebooks Board' which will place a zip file in the app directory. If it asks you to share the backup, skip over this as we already have a local copy available (hit the back key to exit the upload chooser).

Step 2:

LectureNotes will make a backup of the board to a zip file, takes a few moments depending on number of notes in directory.

After this step, exit the upload/share dialogue as we already have a local copy stored.

Step 3:

Open your file browser and navigate to:

'sdcard0 (or the name for your internal storage)' > 'Android' > 'data' > 'com.acadoid.lecturenotes' > 'files' 

Now check the '' and click the 'copy' icon.

Now create a new notebook folder in your file tree where you want it to be stored. I created a new folder on my internal SD storage and named it the default 'LectureNotes'

Paste the zip file into the new folder.

Step 4:

From LectureNotes, open the drop down menu (three vertical dashes in top right corner) and choose settings.

Navigate to the 'Storage' tab and click 'App Directory Setup'

Step 5:

Here we'll choose the second option to choose our internal SD storage, and enter the name of the folder created. For me this was the default name I chose.


replace 'LectureNotes' with your folder name if different.

If you want to store the app directory on the external sd card you'll change the third option to:


Step 6:

Now before completing this step, completely exit LectureNotes (click the back key until you are at your home screen). Your notebooks will disappear when you reopen the app, not to worry, we made and copied the backup to our new folder earlier.

Open LectureNotes and open the drop down menu, and choose 'Restore Notebooks Board'

Choose your file browser and navigate to the folder you copied the zip file to, and select the zip file. Now your notebooks will be loaded into the new directory using your zip backup.



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    14 Discussions


    7 months ago on Step 5

    Hi. I'm using Samsung galaxy tab s3. In step5, I want to store the app directory on the external sd card, and i change the third option to: /storage/sdcard/my-folder-name
    but, it doesn't work and there is a error message.
    "You can not create a custom application directory. Use the default application directory."
    What should i do to move to external sdcard.
    Please help.

    1 year ago

    Hello Miles
    I cannot use this method on Samsung Chromebook Plus. Please advise.


    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Hello dzignerTJ,

    My series was created for the Samsung Note 10.1 (2012 version), which was on android. As far as the conversion to running Android apps on ChromeOS, I'm not sure how the functionality may be different. It looks like your question has been answered by the developer (acadoid) though. He would likely be able to give you the most insight on this


    3 years ago

    Hi Miles,

    Is there a way to export notebook from LN, then import it to EverNotes and continue updating it in EverNote. Thanks


    4 years ago

    This was exactly what I have been looking for! It all worked perfectly until the last step.. Nothing happened when I tried to import the zip-file, which I had stored on an external SD-card. Do you need a certain app to be able to load the zip backup?

    7 replies

    So for step six, if you have a tablet with an unsupported file manager (or nothing but a built-in file browser) you will have to download a file manager. I would suggest using ASTRO file manager.

    *Note: Restore notebooks board will only appear after your App Directory has been pointed to an empty location, and the board is clear. Hang on to your zip file after restore until you're sure the backup/restore was successful.

    Sorry for the delay! I wrote these a long time ago, and don't update as often as I should.

    thanks for the reply! I already have ASTRO file manager and clicked the 'restore notebooks board' when my board had been temporarily emptied. when I then tried to upload the zipfile nothing happened. And the zipfile should be ok, I unzipped it with another app and all my notebooks were in it. :/

    Since your other app has the ability to extract zip files, would it be possible for you to extract to the folder you have chosen for Lecture Notes App Directory? You can then point lecture notes to the folder with the contents already unzipped to see if Lecture Notes can read/write to this new location.

    I realize this would skirt the zip/unzip feature of the backup/restore feature completely, but this would at least let you know if its an issue within Lecture Notes or if your device is blocking Lecture Notes from storing its app directory on your external sd card.

    In the mean time I will test this myself, and contact the developer if I can't figure it out. Additionally, see the developers webpage for more resources:


    Thank you! I tried to unzip the files in my chosen folder on my extSdCard and got the following (horrible) message: "The ability for applications to write to external SD-cards was removed in the KitKat-version of android. Contact the Android team if you'd like to have the feature back". Well, YES! Does this mean that it's impossible to store my lecturenotes on my extSdCard?? Is there any way around this?

    I don't seem to be the first one encountering this problem..

    Thank you for providing the feedback you encountered. There may not currently be a way to store the app data on the external SD card if it's been blocked by the android system.

    Although, if you do keep the app data on your internal SD for now, you could use this tutorial to at least make a backup of your data on the external SD. I'll follow up with the developer soon so we can attempt to figure out a workable solution!

    Best of luck in the mean-time!


    4 years ago on Step 6

    Excellent! Thank you.


    5 years ago

    Thanks for this! Question: does storing the app data on an external card slow down the operation of lecture notes? Also, is it possible to store the lecturenotes videos and audios data on the external card as well?