Moving Message/image Pen Container

Introduction: Moving Message/image Pen Container

Decided (because money was not something in abundance this winter) to make my office co-workers their gifts this year. I had saved several of the containers from the peanuts I like to get at the 99cents store so I had my containers already.  I took pictures of my
co-workers with them pointing (I didn't tell them why they needed to point). and asked them what did they like to do, If they had any hobbies. With this information I was abel to create something that fit each person's personality.  The final project was filled with chocolates, wrapped, unlabeled and placed on the holiday food table as table center pieces.  I asked everyone to pick one out and had each person take turns opening someone's message can; reading aloud the messages and moving the person's image to point to the new message on the can.  I made 7 personlized pen containers for my co-workers in the end. They all loved the personal pen containers and I reused containers that would have gone to a landfill somewhere! 

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    Nostalgic Guy

    Nice idea, & a gift that will make sure you are remembered all year round.
    I often see groups like the Scouts selling jars of sweets at fun days & fetes, something like this could be a great fund raiser especially for charities.