Moving a 3D Printed Turtle on 3D Printed Gears


Introduction: Moving a 3D Printed Turtle on 3D Printed Gears

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This will move your 3D Printed turtle on the gears.

Step 1: The Gears

First 3D print your gears to make the turtle move.

Step 2: The Turtle

Then you print the turtle it is optional.

Step 3: The Platform

Then 3D print the platform and put the gears on them so they rotate the turtle

Step 4: The Platform and Gears

Put the gears were they fit on the platforms.
You should be able to rotate it with your finger.

Step 5: The Turtle on Platform and Gears

Lastly you put the turtle on the gears and rotate it with your finger and the turtle should move.



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    2 Discussions

    I was just wondering if you had any measuremnts for the gears?

    It's cool, do you have a video?