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Introduction: Mower Go Kart 2

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Welcome back if you have read my older Intsructable: Mower go kart. Check it out -}HERE{- It has been a bit over a year since my last project and, sadly, the old kart has died. So what better to do than build (A.K.A. Fix up) a new one? As with my other project, this is also for those with a low budget, old and young alike! If your ready, lets get started!

Step 1: Select Your Tractor...

Let just hop into this by getting our riding mower! I'm not gonna be hacking and welding at the frame, (It turned out bad last time) but instead ill be making a make-shift four wheeler. You can select any kind of rider, so long as it is suitable for your needs. For instance, if you want to take it through a creek or over a mountain, get one with lots of room between the bottom of the frame and the ground. Otherwise, say if you just have a flat road, select any model you wish. When buying a rider for this project, the deck is not important. We won't need it anyway.

Make sure that it runs, preferably does not leak, grind or bite you when running, or if your good with small engines, buy what you think is a good deal. Remember: For all of my projects, I never have never spent more than $50 on supplies. In my Mower go kart Instructable, I bought the mower off the side of the road. (The mower shown above is an old simplicity I got for free because it didn't work. But, with a little bit of work, it now runs just fine!)

Step 2: Off With Your Deck!

However you need to take off your mowing deck, do so. Just look around underneath the frame at where the deck connects to the rest of the mower. On mine, I simply had to pull a pin, and lift the deck off of a hook. That only cost me 3 minutes. If your in serious doubt as to your "deck removing capabilities", use what your on right now: The Internet, to look up how to remove the deck for your tractor model.

Step 3: Touch Up!

Well, that's about it. You could call this a mud mower, and it is my new Mountain Rider! As you can see above, the Mower Go Kart got a nice black paint job! It took one can of spray paint, which was $3.89 at Wal-Mart, but the result is worth so much more than the $3.89! (By the way, do not despair! This was my first "automotive" paint job!) that's all for now, but I plan to add more features like a bumper, an underneath brush guard, winch and more, so check back for updates! Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you likes this project! By the way, ill now be referring to the "Mower Go Kart" as the "Mow-kart" Don't ask me why.



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    Tip 8 hours ago

    Can you please make the name Mow-Kart?

    I'm building a huskee mud mower, and I plan on barring the tires, welding up a front bumper/winch setup, and doing some other things to it. I want to know if a 11 horse motor (the stock one) or a 24 horse v-twin would be better. I plan on some pretty deep mud and decent speed, but I don't want to go over powered and make the thing useless.

    3 replies

    I know a few people that carry a 12 HP Briggs and it runs fine. Personally, I'd go for the 24. If the mud I'm picturing goes over half the tire, 24 would be best.

    I have a 16 HP V-Twin Briggs and it's a powerful thing. I don't know what could stop it if the kill switch or choke wasn't an option.

    But anyway, if you can, this machine is going to be your main hauler so why not take it all out? Also if you upgrade the engine, you can pull others out when they get stuck.

    Post some pictures when you get it done!

    Thanks and i will! Right now its sitting outside in the snow, so...yeah. But i will be making an instructable, so i will get it up and going again soon! Hoping to use the v-twin, do it will be a beast. My friend has a wheelhorse mud mower, so we will be sure to be arguing over whos is better. (Mine)

    Well I haven't read the rules since I joined 2 years ago... But if rules allow it post a link once you get it up! I'd like to see it.

    if theres a govener on the motor. TAKE IT OFF it will increese your speed alot.

    1 reply