Moxx's Grenade Launcher

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this is my first gun that isnt fully intended to be small.  it is revy powerful, and looks AWESOME.  im sorry i dont have a picture of the ammo, but it fires a square of red connectors and green rods with a diagonal white rod.   this gun may look a little flimsy, but it is NOT. please SUBSCRIBE.

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Step 1: Pieces

1) piece
2-3) both ends of the piece (upside down. sorry)
4) other piece
5-6) both ends (right side up. yay)

Step 2: More Pieces

1) build two
2) build two
3) build/collect

Step 3: Connecting

1) second layer
2) addind third layer
3) addind the pieces from step 1
4) adding pieces from step 2
5) with bands

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    this looks great after going through the instuctable, i like the rachet system trigger it is great for these types of guns.

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