Moxx's Mini Grenade Launcher




Introduction: Moxx's Mini Grenade Launcher

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this is my powerful, small,  low piece count, and averagely good looking grenade launcher.  It is pretty sturdy too.  If you look at my other stuff youll probably notice thats the way i describe all my stuff.  my goal it to invent compact and low pice count guns that are still powerful and good looking.  please SUBSCRIBE.

Step 1: Pieces

build all this (this is the whole gun)

Step 2: Connecting

1-2) adding second layers
3-4) addind third layers
5) connecting the top and bottom

Step 3: Bands and Ammo

1) bands
2) ammo
3) loaded up



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    13 Discussions

    oh sorry, but its just suposed to be mini and there for not that wide so it couldnt fit an exploding grenade.

    awesome a mini one! i saw the big one first, but im going to build this one instead, for some reason im not that into building bigger guns anymore. :P

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    most of the things i make are intended to be as peice efficient as possible to give a chance to those with few pieces.

    i know the feeling. some guns arent worth making if they take more than like three hours to make.

    what do you mean by bent? because a widened and increases power.