Moxx's Pistol With Clip

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this is the first gun I've made that has a clip.  it is small, powerful, and  looks pretty good.  it is pretty sturdy and averagely reliable.  this might be the smallest gun with a clip.  do not fire this gun without the clip in or it will most likely brake.  please SUBSCRIBE.

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Step 1: Pieces

1-2)  main body pieces
3) clip holder pieces

Step 2: Building the Body

1) add rods
2) add middle layer
3) add third layer
4) add the ramrod

Step 3: Building the Clip Holder

1) adding pieces to the first layer
2) add some more
3) final layer

Step 4: Clip and Bands

1) connecting to the main body
2) clip pieces
3) first and secondlayer
4) third layer added
5) clip in the gun
6) with bands

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    are you subscribed to me? it just seems like you are always one of first people to see my stuff.

    arrow shotmoxx

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    he's the first to reply to any knex gun, its like he has a script that automatically chooses a "great gun", "not bad" or something similar comment and posts it as soon as any knex weapon is made.