Mp3 Player Dock Speakers/Charger/alarm Clock

Introduction: Mp3 Player Dock Speakers/Charger/alarm Clock

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I wanted a dock that could do everything for my Creative Zen Vision M 30 gb. So I decided to make one. This instructable shows you how to make speakers for any headphone jacked thing. So its not just for charging certain players.

Step 1: Find a Good Clock Radio

Need one that you think will be able to be used for this purpose. Has to have a radio and volume control probably needs to have a scroll wheel for volume. Also needs near flat spot to cut the hole for the mp3 player and a hollow place for it.

Step 2: Now Take It Apart and See Whats Inside.

Take out all the screws and take it apart gently because you don`t want to yank any wires apart.

Step 3: Find the Volume Control Scroll Wheel on the Inside

its the inside part of the scroll wheel of the volume

Step 4: Find Out Where the Headphone Wires Go

Get a headphone wire and cut it as where you get as much wire as possible from the plug. Strip the ends open to the wire and plug it into a audio device. I would get one that you are sure you arent going to be super mad to break just incase the electric breaks it by putting the wires on the wrong place.Make sure that there isnt any thing that is touching the insides of the the clock radio. Plug in the clock radio and turn the radio on being careful. Get the audio playing and put he wires seperated to the volume control until you get good audio. Sometime s you just have to play around with the wire you are using to get it to work. Mark down which wires go where and heat up the soldering gun. I would like to add Ace Venture is one of the funniest movies great to listen and watch when working.

Step 5: Solder the Wires in the Spots

Solder make the wires short so they dont interfeir with any other things

Step 6: Make a Exit Spot for Headphone Wire

I use a dremel since this radio is like split you could drill it. You also might want to tie a knot bigger than the hole so it wont pull on your soldering

Step 7: Now for the Dock Hole

Mark where you are going to do it and make sure you have room under and in the appliance. Start drilling it out keep checking if it is right for you but dont try to force it in or you will end up with bad scratches

Step 8: Fine Tune the Hole

Put it back together see if it fits and sand up the edges so its not ruff. I also taped up the insides around the electric stuff to reduce risk of shock when it is done

Step 9: Figure Out How to Charge It

for me it just worked out perfectly. I got the charger off ebay for super cheap for the car and wall charger. both work great. But what ever works for you if you just wanted speakers then your done here. I made it where you can take out the charger so it charges it and i can just take the charger On mine the charger actually holds it up for some people adding a back might help hold theirs up.

Step 10: Reasemble

Put back together the way it was everything should still work even the radio. On mine when you plug it in the radio sound disappears then when you unplug its back to radio. So it all still works with a better feature!

Step 11: If I Didnt Explain Anything Please Tell Me

also if i did something dangerous since I am no electrician please experts tell me. On mine no house has burn down nor any player broken so its all good. I love it. Thanks for looking hope I could help
I am planning on making another for a zune with the same idea

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    7 Discussions


    12 years ago on Step 5

    when you put it on alram, can you wake up to your mp3 player???

    Mad inventor
    Mad inventor

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well, first I thought the same, but he only connected the speakers to an input ( the headphones cable) 
    What you have to do to be able to wake up to your mp3 music, is find the spot where the signal from the alarm clock circuit turns on the radio, then use it to power a relay or something like that. a bit tricky, but it can be done. Actually that's what im trying to do, but i have to figure out if i have to adapt the impedances or something. 

    (aah! spell check not working! halp! xD)


    10 years ago on Step 9

    I can't believe it actually worked :D I didn't make it charging, but it really worked :)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    " I would get one that you are sure you arent going to be super mad to break just incase the electric breaks it by putting the wires on the wrong place." Hide ur wires man, the electricity in your walls might break em.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    yea but will it be able to play a song as the alarm from my zen


    13 years ago on Introduction

    great, i think i will build this with my brothers alarm clock, lol, so creative, thanks 4 the idea