Mp3 Apron

Introduction: Mp3 Apron

This is a tutorial on how to make an apron with a mp3 player.

Supplies and Equipment:
Mp3 player
Conductive material
Soldering machine

The most challenging steps:
Creating good buttons that works.
Understanding how the mp3 player should be connected to the apron.
The soldering was hard because it is very tricky.

Step 1: Test Different Buttons

Start with creating buttons with different materials, because you want the right texture and feel of the button. If you apply the buttons to the apron right away you might have to redo the buttons.

The first button we created was done with: conductive thread, metal, rubbery textual, wire and fabric. The second button is created with: conductive thread, metal, sponge, wire and fabric.

When you create a button you start with cutting two pieces of fabric and then place metal or sew with conductive thread on each fabric piece. Make sure that you use enough of metal or conductive thread.

Choose the fabric or material that should be in between the first two pieces of fabric. This fabric or material creates the button effect and a tip is to choose a more sponge material. The next step is to create a hole in this fabric or material, because when you press the button the metal needs to touch otherwise the button will not work.

Attach a wire to the first two pieces of metal and the wire has to touch the metal. You can use tejp or similar to make sure that the wire stays in place. Put the second material/fabric in between the first to fabrics and make sure that the metal pieces face each other.

Now you can test you button with a multimeter by pressing the button and see if the the voltmeters value changes.

Step 2: Reconstruct the Mp3 Player

The mp3 player can be bought at teknikmagasinet for 80 sek. 
Start with disassemble the mp3 player and make sure that you remember what functions is connect to each button.

As you can see the buttons on the mp3 player consists of one inner circle and one outer circle.

Step 3: Soldering

Then you should solder one wire to the inner circle and one to the outer circle. The soldering is tricky and it is often easier to have four sets and hands instead of two. One person can have some kind of metal such as a screwdriver to create a wall between the two circles during the soldering. It is very important that the two wires that are soldered are not connected, because if the two circles are connected the function will not work.

When you have completed the soldering and tested that the functions works by connecting the two loose ends of the wires, make sure that you put glue on the metal that has been soldered. This way the mp3 players functions are a lot more stable.

Step 4: Create Buttons in the Apron

We took apart the top part of the pocket on the apron, because we wanted to have the buttons in the pocket.

Start with sewing patterns on the apron. For our project we choose to create patterns that were similar to the buttons on the mp3 player. Make sure not to use conductice thread when you create the patterns, beacuase if you do the buttons might not work correctly. 

To create the buttons you have to sew or glue on some kind of conductive material on the apron. You should sew conductive material on two spots on the apron. These spots should be able to touch each other when you push the button.

When this step is done you should put a material in between the these two spots. For this project we used a sponge material because it created a nice button effect.

Step 5: Creating a Pocket for the Mp3 Player (Optional)

We created a pocket for the mp3 player so it would not bounce around in the pocket on the apron. This step is optional.

If you want to create a pocket you should start with choosing a fabric and measure the mp3 player.

If you have a mp3 player that has a clip on the backside you can sew a ribbon for the clip. This way the mp3 player will be very still and stable.

Depending on what kind of mp3 player you have it might be a good idea to create holes for the different contacts on the mp3 player.

Step 6: Putting Everything Together

You should connect the wires from each button on the mp3 player with the buttons on the apron.

Step 7: Use the Apron

If you want you can create a hole on the inside of the apron for the head phones.


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