Mp3\ipod Speaker Hack

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want to attach your mp3 to a loudspeaker but only have headphones? maybe you need a replacement. in thins instructables i'll be showing you how to use any speaker to work with your mp3, cord attached or not.

Step 1: Materials

a short list of items needed:
mp3 player, or some kind of player with a headphone jack
adapter cable (if you have any broken headphones, cut the headphone part off and use the cord)
any speaker
some wire
tape (perferred)
sorry for the bad quality pictures

Step 2: Setup

pur the cord into the headphone jack. there should be two cords coming off the leads of the speaker. attach those wires to the ones coming from the cut headphones, or if you have a male piece still on the wire, make a loop at one end of the wires. slide the male piece through the holes so one is at the bottom and one at the top. tape them on.

Step 3: Listen to the Results

watch video. the bad sound quality is because of intergrated speakers, not the speaker itself.



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