Mpemba Effect

Testing the Mpemba Effect ,when hot water freezes before cold water, under normal conditions in a kitchen with an oven and freezer. This project is used to sample temperatures of two different containers. One container is at around 70 degrees Celcius and the other is at about 25 degrees Celcius. This project will show which one freezes first!!

This project uses MPIDE and LabVIEW software and hardware parts list is:

1 labtop with PMIDE and LabVIEW on it

1 chipKIT pro MX4 SKU: 410-295

2 PmodTC1 SKU:410-315

2 Thermocouple Wire: 1 Meter SKU: 240-080

1 PmodTPH2 SKU: 410-135

2 6-pin MTE Cable SKU: 310-014

2 1-pin MTE Caple SKU: 240-005

1 235ml/1 Cup Measuring Scoop

1 gallon Distilled Water

1 plastic water funnel

2 liquid containers(I used the plactic cups with lids on the above picture)

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Step 1: Setting Up the ChipKIT Pro MX4 to Use LabVIEW and MPIDE or Arduino

This project was done on the chipKIT pro MX4

To be able to use MPIDE or Arduino

1st - download the chipKIT bootloader under the Design Resources at the link here

2nd - Follow the instructions on the link here to install the bootloader

once MPIDE or Arduino is installed follow the process to add the TC1 library on the Github

Instuction on how to install a library for Arduino at

and for MPIDE at

3rd - Get LabVIEW!! To get the student version of LabVIEW you can go to

4th - Make two text files with different names. I used 0 and 1.

5th - Open the VI. Once open under Window open Show Block Diagram. On the top left of the Block Diagram there are path names to the two text files i used. Change these paths to your text files and save.

Step 2: Set Up the Chipkit Pro MX4 for the Experiment!

For this step you will need:

2 PmodTC1 SKU:410-315

2 Thermocouple Wire: 1 Meter SKU: 240-080

1 PmodTPH2 SKU: 410-135

2 6-pin MTE Cable SKU: 310-014

2 1-pin MTE Caple SKU: 240-005

1st - Attach the Thermocouple wires to the PmodTC1

2nd - Attach the 6-pin connector side of the 6-pin MTE Cables to the PmodTC1 so that red and black are connected to vcc and gnd.

3rd - Attach one of the of the 6-pin MTE individual cable side with Red, Black, Yellow, Blue and Green to the corresponding vcc,gnd,p4,p3,p2 on J3 on the PmodTPH2 and the other PmodTPH2 to J2 with the other 6-pin MTE individual cables Red, Black, Yellow, Blue and Green to the corresponding vcc,gnd,p10,p9,p8. So p1 on J3 and p7 on J2 of the PmodTPH2 is not connected.

4th - Attach one of the 1-pin MTE to one of the two unconnected individual Brown cables on the 6-pin MTE and connect it to RG0 on the ChipKIT pro MX4. Connect the other 1-pin MTE to the other individual Brown cable and connect it to RG1 on the ChipKIT pro MX4.

5th - Attach the PmodTPH2 to port JB on the ChipKIT pro MX4

Step 3: Running Your Test!!!

So far the best way I have found to start this experiment is to:

1st - set up the Laptop where it will be for the next 6ish hours.

2nd - Start the MPIDE code Mpemba Demo next launch the LabVIew MpembaDemo code but do not start it.

3rd - Measure out and pour ,using the water funnel, the room temperature 235ml/1cup of distilled water into one of the empty liquid containers.

4th - Measured out another 235ml pour into a pan and boiled it on the oven top. When it is boiling use the water funnel and pour the boiling water into the empty liquid container.

5th - Place both liquid containers into the freezer.

6th - Place the Thermocouple wire into the liquid containers, shut the freezer door.

7th - start the LabView code

8th - Wait for around 6 hours.....

9th - Stop Labview and review data!!!!!

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