Mr Knotty Pocket Head... Dog Approved!!




Introduction: Mr Knotty Pocket Head... Dog Approved!!

About: Dog Lover

Quick & Easy to make!!

Don't throw old worn out clothes into the trash!

Recycle into a great chew toy for your dog!!

Step 1: NEED: Scissors, Old Clothes, & Imagination!!

Optional: Marker, Needle & Thread.

Step 2: Cut Out Simple Character Shape

Optional: Cut out some multi-stitch seams for "Hair Plugs".

I enjoy using a back pocket as the face, but one could also create Miss Belt Loop Eyes, Sir Cargo Pocket Tummy, or even Madame Octopus. (Use that imagination!)

FYI: Don't worry, your dog will not care if character is not symmetrical!!

Step 3: Cut Out a Few Openings on "Scalp" for Hair Plugs.

Weave in the Hair Plugs, then Knot or Stitch in place.

Step 4: Once Happy With Your Work,

May sew or draw eyes/mouth/etc.

Give chew toy to a happy dog!!

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