Mr. Mafioso - Easy Halloween Dress Up

Introduction: Mr. Mafioso - Easy Halloween Dress Up

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This is so simple! You can even wear it to office.

Things you need:
- White button up shirt
- Black trousers, or any dark colored polyester pants
- Fedora hat
- Suspender
- Black or dark brown eyeshadow
- Black eyeliner
- Plastic gun

To do:
1. Wear your white shirt and trousers. Don't forget to put on underwear before that. But even if you didn't.. I don't wanna know.
2. Would look waaay better if you have a suspender and wear it.
3. Make up for face facial hair:
Use the black/dark brown eyeshadow to create thin shadow of goatee or any sort of facial hair you want. Just put it lightly on your face, not to obvious. And then use the black eyeliner to make small dots, like messy unshaven beard. Blend it lightly with your finger. Also put on some eyeliner around the eye to deepen the eyes.
4. Wear the fedora hat and hold on to your gun.


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    8 months ago

    In today's world this is not a good costume