Mr. Pennyworth's Grover-Trophy Flutophone Steampunk Pistol Part 3 (painting the Wood Pistol Grips)

This is the third and final part to Mr. Pennyworth's Grover-Trophy Flutophone Steampunk Pistol. In this portion we will paint the wooden pistol grip to give it a realistic wooden look.

Step 1: Materials:

Mr. Pennyworth's Grover-Trophy Flutophone Steampunk Pistol (If you want to see the construction click here )

White Acrylic paint

Burnt Umber oil paint

Paint brush

Disposable rag (I used a paper towel)

Step 2: Paint the Pistol Grips White:

Using a small paint brush paint both sides of the pistol grips white using a white acrylic paint. Get a good coat but don't worry if you do not have the steady hands to get along the edges, the black can add a sense of depth and age to the wood when its complete.

Step 3: Begin the Burnt Umber:

Put a small amount of burnt umber oil paint on a secluded portion of the disposable rag (or paper towel).

Step 4:

Step 5: Apply the Burnt Umber:

Rub burnt umber into the recesses of the pistol grips making sure to cover all the white on the pistol grips. You want to get a good amount down inside the cracks .

Step 6: Remove the Burnt Umber:

Using a clean spot on your rag, gently rub the excess of leaving a lighter color on the elevated spots and leaving some down in the cracks to create the look of stained wood.

Let it dry, this is oil paint so give it at least a day.

This completes the Mr. Pennyworth's Grover-Trophy Flutophone Steampunk Pistol inscrutable, please subscribe to follow future projects.



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