Mr Rex : Tangle Free Headsets Holder

Introduction: Mr Rex : Tangle Free Headsets Holder

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Hi All,

With android phone ( IOS too), every one is carrying their personal portable entertainment in their pockets.

And every one faces issues with the tangled headsets. Options that one has

  • Use bluetooth ; sound clarity reduces
  • Buy expensive headsets with special cases

So these are either expensive or bulky

In this instructable I will share how one can make a tangle free headset holder for $0

Step 1: What Do You Need ?

Material and tools

  • Old corrugated box piece ( 6cm x 10 cm)
  • Cutter
  • Sketch pen for decorate( optional)
  • And nothing more

Step 2: Build It or Cut It

Cut out as shown, these should be good for general headsets available in market or used

Based on the mic position and joint adjust the length

I decorate mine on both sides and call it Mr Rex and Trex

Step 3: Use It

Insert speakers and wrap the cable around the holder and careless toss it inside the bag

No more worrying and tangle free headsets every time

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