Mr Spaghetti Meatballs!

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This amigurumi has been created by me for the World Amigurumi Exhibition.

It represent a creature made of spaghetti and meatballs, a typical italian dish famous all around the world!

Step 1: Tool, Materials and Skills You Will Need...

Tools and materials you’ll need:

- Yellow acrylic yarn

- White acrylic yarn

- Brown acrylic yarn

- Red acrylic yarn

- Yellow thin thread

- Safety eyes

- Crochet hook n. 3

- Crochet hook n. 2

- Needle for wool

- Stitching needle

You'll also need to know how to make:

- Chain stitch

- Single crochet

- Magic circle

Step 2: Make the Basic Elements for Mr Spaghetti!

Create a cylinder shape (all in single crochet) with the yellow yarn.

Make 2 quite big round eye balls (white yarn - single crochet + safety plastic eyes in the middle) and a bit smaller mouth (yellow yarn - single crochet). Then stitch some red yarn on it in order to have a "licking tomato souce effect"...

Stitch eye balls and mouth in the right place (see picture) on the cylinder shape.

Step 3: Start to Make a Long Rope of "spaghetti"...

With the smallest crochet hook (n. 2) make more less 5 mt. of crocheted yarn using just the simple chain stitch.

Wind the rope you've made on a wool ball.

Step 4: Stitching "spaghetti Yarn"!

With a needle and a thin yellow thread stitch patiently the long rope previously made all around the cylinder shape.

Step 5: Meatballs!

Use brown yarn to make some meatballs (single crochet) and put on safety eyes in the wrong way. Stitch a bit of red yarn (licking tomato sauce effect) on top of them.

Step 6: And Here We Go!

Stitch all the meatballs random on the Mr Spaghetti and...taaadaah!



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