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Introduction: Mr. Steams Chandeleer

About: I am a home constructor, an inventor and a dreamer. If you ask me who guided me and who inspired me then this people comes in mind: Carl Benz, Guglielmo Marconi, James Watt, Thomas Alva Edison, Nicolas Tesla...

This is my "Living Room Chandeleer".

It was a weekend project and I reused a lot of materials that I found over the last year.

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Step 1: Parts I Used

  • A wooden box
  • An insulator for high tension
  • An old lamp
  • Four E27 lamp holder
  • Four 60W vintage style bulbs
  • A dimmer
  • A switch
  • A crystal styl knob (acrylic)
  • A brass ball nut
  • A 230 plug
  • Some cables and terminal strips

Step 2: The Dimmer and the Switch

I cut 4mm windings to the dimmer and switch axis to mount the brass ball nut and the cristal knob.

Step 3: The BOX and Vulcan Fibre

First I cut a hole for the dimmer and an other hole for the switch.
A 10mm hole on the top, for the lamp and a 8mm hole on the back for the 230V cable.
I cut two pieces of "Vulcan Fibre" to hold the switch and to cover the dimmer.
I drilled holes for the screws and cut windings in it.
The wood of the box is such hard, that it was possible to cut windings in it.
Then I mounted everything to the front.

You have the choice :-)

Yiu can use both: The modern brass screews or the older one.

I used clear protective wax to finish the surface of the box. I found the texture of the box very nice so I left it as is.

Step 4: The Insulator and the Lamp

A 10mm tube with windings (typical) for lamps goes through the insulator and holds the lamp, the insulator and the box together.
The cabling runs through the tube to the box.

The cabling itselv is very simple:

From the mains cable to the switch. (Both lines on and off)
From the switch via the dimmer to the lamp.
From the top off the lamp it is splitted into the four arms of the chandeleer.
DONT FORGET to connect the earth wire to the all of the metal parts!

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