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Introduction: Mr. Wrinkles

Mr. Wrinkles started from our need of creating something that would cheer up our garden and after we found out about  MAKE IT STICK we decided to do something with the huge sack of newspapers from the garage. With just a little creativity, sticky tape, white glue, newspapers and a few pieces of cardboard we've created a friendly monster who very quickly managed to make some new friends :)

1.  draw a little sketch of your monster and then try to figure out the skeleton of your friend which you will cut out from cardboard
2. stick the cardboard pieces together with sticky tape and make the skeleton stand on it’s own feet.
3.  start filling  it up with crumpled newspaper until you get to the basic  shape of your future buddy.
4. after you managed to give your buddy a head, a belly and some arms and legs… wrap it up with some big pieces of newspaper  to create some sort of skin for him. Use a good amount of sticky tape to stick the newspapers  together.
5. we decided to keep Mr Wrinkles with us for a long time so we coated his whole body with brown stiky-tape to make him strong and resistant  to playfull moments 
6.  in order to paint him with the desired colours we aplied another coating , this time …made out of newspaper  bands which we applied with white glue.  Apply another thick layer of white glue after you’re done with the newspaper bands and wait paitently  until it’s completely dry.
7. now you have an almost  finished monster-buddy that awaits to get some eyes, a smile and some back spikes in case you want him to look a little more fearce (we made the spikes out of a pizza box)
8. paint him in whatever colours  your imagination desires and don’t  forget  to make him smile ;)
9. voila! - you got yourself a new friend who can give a touch of colour and joy to your room,  workshop or garden and not to forget the kids who for sure will love his presence

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, he's absolutely adorable!

    (Is it just me, or goes he look like he's had one too many drinks?)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    He is really cute, the chickens seem to like him.