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Introduction: Mr. and Mrs. Cloud Pillows

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I saw these pillows at the Renegade Craft Fair and thought they were so cute!  They are made by Good Bye Blue Monday.  I actually only saw the girl pillows and decided to make a boy version of the pillows as well.  Then I check the site yesterday and saw they had made a boy version with a mustache as well!!  Thought that was pretty funny. 

I hope you enjoy these adorable pillows.  I think they would make cute gifts and/or decorations for a bridal shower.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  1. 1 yard of white felt
  2. 2 types of Patterned Fabric - for legs, one for girl one for guy
  3. Black Felt - boy pillow mustache
  4. Navy blue felt - girls shoes
  5. Pink felt - girls cheeks
  6. 2 Buttons - girls shoes
  7. Embroidery Thread: black and pink
  8. White Thread
  9. Fiber Fill - pillow stuffing
  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Scissors
  3. Wide eyed needle
  4. Regular needle

Step 2: Make and Cut Patterns

I drew this pattern myself.  I'm not going to include the pattern because part of the charm of these pillows is that they are all a little different.  So have fun in creating your own patterns.  Here are a few tips on how I made and cut mine.

Legs - about 8.5" long and curve at the bottom.  You will need to cut out 4 pieces for each pillow. 

Cloud - my cloud pattern is just 1/2 of the cloud.
  • Layer two pieces of fabric each a about 18"x18".
  • Folded the fabric diagonally in half (looks like a triangle)
  • Place the pattern on the fold of the fabric.
  • Instead of pinning the pattern to the fabric, I just pinned the fabric down at the edges and traced the pattern with a marker.
  • Leaving the pins in the fabric, remove the pattern and cut just inside of the marker line.  Now you have your two pattern pieces

Step 3: Adding the Face

You will make two different faces, one for the guy and one for the girl.

Girls Face:
  • Cut out two small pink ovals for the cheeks.  You want the centers of each about 3.5" apart.  Sew them on with pink embroidery thread.
  • Using black embroidery thread, sew the eyes on.  I liked the stitched looks so I left a little space between each stitch.  The main detail that separates the girl from the guy (besides mustache) is the added eye lash.  So go back and add a small eyelash above the eye.
  • To finish create the puckered lips for the mouth.
Guys Face:
  • Just as you did for the girl, use black embroidery thread to sew the eyes on. I liked the stitched looks so I left a little space between each stitch.  Do not add the eyelash
  • Cut out mustache and sew it on like you did the cheeks with black thread.

Step 4: Make Legs

  • Once legs are cut out pin them back to back (patterned sides touching).  Sew along the edges leaving the top sides open. 
  • Turn the legs inside out and stuff them with the fiber fill.  Leave about 3/4" of the leg unfilled.

Step 5: Sew It All Together

  • Place the embroidered face on the table facing you.
  • Place the legs on top of the face.  You want the legs to be facing each other and right at the edge of the eyes.  Make sure 1/2" of the unfilled leg is sticking over the edge of the cloud and 1/4" of the unfilled legs are on the inside.
  • Place the plain cloud layer over the legs and face so it matches up exactly with the bottom layer.
  • Pin the two layers together.
  • Sew about 1/4" from edge all the way around.  Start sewing a 1/2" to the right of the left leg, and end 1/2" after the left of the right leg (see image notes).  You want to make sure to leave a 2" gap so you can turn the pillow inside out and stuff.
  • Once the edge is sewn, turn turn the pillow inside out and stuff.  Make sure you get stuffing in all the corners.
  • Hand sew the gap using a slip stitch.

Step 6: Shoe Detail

My camera deleted my images for the pattern and cutting of the shoes, but its really simple. Use the end of your leg pattern piece to cut out 2 pieces of felt for each food.  Cut in the details to distinguish the types of shoes.  For the girl I made mary janes and the boy I made flip flops.  Sew them together and put them on the feet and sew 2-3 contact points to the legs so the shoes don't fall off.  For the girls shoes I glued on some cute elephant buttons for detail.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    these are just two cute and its a great toy for both boys and girls hopefully i'll get to make this soon so my son wont be bicker over his 2 sisters toys anymore


    9 years ago on Introduction

    These are absolutely adorable! I would love to build a whole family of these for my cousin's bedroom.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Little cloud children...I'll have to start sketching for those!