MrBalleng's Copper Leaf Pendant





Introduction: MrBalleng's Copper Leaf Pendant

My attempt at it. The stem didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, plus the whole think could use a bit more polishing.



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    I had to check my wife's jewelry box to make sure her's was still there. I thought this was it for a minute=). Good work! I'm real glad you tried your hand at it.

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    Thanks! I also tried making your skeleton key, didn't quite come out as well as the original like this one had. And I forgot to take pictures of it, oh well! This pendant is going to my friend Sabrina as her birthday gift, the key was my other friend Stephanie's birthday gift, they're sisters so I could probably get a picture of them wearing their pendants :D

    Lovely! Make sure you leave a comment on his instructable page with a picture of your finished piece so he can see how you've honored him!

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    He's been waiting for a few days now, I was going to give it a better, final polishing, but I decided not to keep him waiting!

    I agree that it could use a bit more polish....BUT, I can onlu hope mine looks this good when I finally attempt it. GREAT WORK!

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    I'm supposed to buy the same polish he uses, but I've been procrastinating. He's been waiting to see my finished result so I didn't want to keep him waiting!
    A tip, when I stamped the veins into the leaf with bent paper clips (don't forget to draw out how you want them with a sharpie on your leaf), have your leaf flat on something hard (like the anvil part of a vice), lay your shaped paper clip on the line, hold it and gentle start hammering it with a hammer, go over it a couple times. Be careful because the paper clip tends to move, messing up your veins, do one at a time. I used a thick copper elbow joint for this, even with the thicker copper, my veins went a bit too shallow so the leaf would've snapped when I curved it. I fixed this by adding silver solder to the back. Good luck! (I hope that all made sense)