Mrpowerful's Pit Trap

Introduction: Mrpowerful's Pit Trap

This instructable will show you how to make a small, unnoticeable trap either for hunting ( which I have never tried ) or just for playing pranks. The only thing you will need is a shovel, small sticks, and a place to dig. Use good judgment and have fun.


Sorry, I had to say that...

Step 1: Digging the Hole

You will need to pick a location with soft ground and little rock. It is best not to pick a grassy location because the finished trap tends to be noticeable. For the trap I used, I dug a hole about 2 and a half feet deep and 2 feet diameter, but you can make it however you want. * Make sure to keep the mud you dig up For use later.

Step 2: Sticks!

Next, you will need to cover it with small to medium sized sticks. You can either have them going all one way or perpendicular. The sticks will need to be just barely longer than the diameter of the hole. You need to stick them in to the sides of the trap just below the surface. Make sure you don't lay them on top.

After you put those sticks in, you will need some smaller sticks.

Step 3: More Sticks!

Now you will need some smaller sticks. This time, just lay them on top of the sticks that are already there. Don't poke them in to the sides of the trap. Just put enough of them to cover any big holes, like in the picture.

Step 4: Mud!

Now, you should line the edges with mud. The mud should be slippery.Water it down if you have to. This is basically for getting the edges of the trap level with the ground around it.

Step 5: Leaves!

Now you should cover the sticks with leaves. Make sure you cover every space. Try to avoid covering the mud with leaves.

Step 6: Finishing Up

If you covered all the open spots with leaves, this will be easy. If you didn't, go ahead and fix it. What you need to do is dig up the top layer of some nearby ground. Get rid of all big chunks of dirt and sprinkle over the trap. Keep doing this until the trap is completely covered. Finally, put some of the dirt over the area near the trap, so it blends in. You can cover it with leaves if you want. You could also dig up a small plant and put it in with the dirt to make it more natural.



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    heres a little tip if you want to HURT someone sharpen sticks and pound then in lol the nva used them in the va war

    I didn't try to make him fall in, he was just walking and kinda fell into it but he didn't get hurt