Mrs Potato Head

Cut & sew flannel & lining together for body

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Step 1:

Draw eyes, ears, mouths, & noses on light weight cardboard/press board.  Cut & glue felt for each piece, as well as velcro. 

Step 2:

Cut hole for real mouth & eyes & attach organza to "mask" that area.

Step 3:

Cut arm holes & sew around them so the flannel & lining is closed

Step 4:

Cut & sew on back pocket. 

Step 5:

Sew on velcro for all pieces.

Step 6:

Cut a piece of "hair" and tack to the head area

Step 7:

Stuff Mrs Potato Head & sew up bottom hem.

Step 8:

Wear costume & let people's imaginations & fun times roll.  Pieces can be changed and moved any place there is velcro.  Many faces & looks for Mrs Potato Head!!

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