Mrs. Potts and Chip Necklace

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How to make an adorable necklace inspired by one of Disney's best characters!

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Template (above)

2. Matte Shrink Film

3. Sharpies or other coloring tools

4. E600 Glue

5. Blue Moon Gunmetal Chain

6. Blue Moon Copper Chain

7. Necklace Clasp

8. Jump Rings

9. Modge Podge Dimensional Magic

10. Box Cutter or Scissors

11. Tape

Step 2: Watch the Video

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and that you give it a try. I think you'll like the result, I know I like my new adorable necklace.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    How similar is matte shrink film to shrinky dinks? All I could find was shrinky dinks and I'm hoping it's not a cheap "toy" version of a better quality material. What do you think? I'm totally making my wife one of these necklaces for Christmas, but instead of Mrs. Potts and Chip I'm going to do the sugar cup scooping sugar into a tea cup from Sword in the Stone!

    3 replies

    So matte shrink film is the off brand shrinky dinks actually. I use it because it can be found in Joanns while shrinky dinks can be found in Michaels. What I know is that you can only use sharpies on matte shrink film because it's glossy, it doesn't have a textured side like some shrinky dinks sheets sometimes do. It's not a toy version but depending on the type you have you might be able to use colored pencils or water based markers. Also it's probably going to be more translucent or clear where you didn't color as opposed to to matte shrink film which is pretty opaque. Sharpies have clear ink so it's always worth doing a test swatch with the colors and type of film.
    Hope my information helps! That necklace sounds amazing, please post pictures when you finish it. I bet she will LOVE it!

    Thanks for such a detailed response! I really appreciate it. The shrinky dinks I got are clear, and the sharpies really come out different. I tried every shade of blue sharpie I had and they either come out purple or barely visible... ugh! Do you have any experience with other good mediums to use for coloring shrinky dinks? I've heard that the prismacolor pencils are good. Thanks again!!

    So to use colored pencils, which has a lot more color choices you have to use shrinky dinks that have a textured side, or you can sand the one side with sand paper. The texture gives the pencil pigment something to cling to. It's going to look kind of powdery almost when baked, but it will definitely be opaque. Then you HAVE to seal it, because otherwise the colored pencil will just rub off. When I use colored pencils and clear shrinky film I make the side I colored on the back because then the pigment looks more solid through the plastic then when it's on top. But as long as everything is sealed you can pick which side you like better.
    I'm so thrilled my odd knowledge is helping somebody, so I'm happy to give overly detailed messages as much as you like.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    PHEW! its taken me like an hour to get signed in, find this instructable again and be allowed to comment. Anyway, in the video you mentioned that the glaze you used would ripple? Could you elaborate on that and explain what happens? I would like to find the perfect way to seal little shrinkey dinks! Thank you, Cool Wig Woman :~)

    2 replies

    It's very confusing to me the Modge Podge Dimensional Magic would dry glossy and hard within 12 hours. Then around 24 hours later things would all wrinkly, even if I never touched them at all. At least once things dried and then like re softened, accidentally picked up a nail dent. From my experimentations the best I've found is resin, which is a pain but it does work. You can dome it and once it's hardened it doesn't change, like ever. I've also seen people have luck with spray sealers, but given my not super venilated space I haven't tried it.

    Sounds like a reaction between them, maybe even the sharpie. I use resin often on other things but on these type "charms" I dont like the gloss and added dimension. I will keep looking. Thank you for crossing one of the list for me!