Ms. Chan's Sushi-2-Go Cardboard Van.



Introduction: Ms. Chan's Sushi-2-Go Cardboard Van.

About: I'm a big fan of video games & have a huge collection. I enjoy watching anime & love science, technology, & astronomy. Check my youtube channel out under Nesmaniac.

Let the Sushi come to you is Ms. Chan's motto.

Step 1: Making the Sides, Base, and Wheels.

First cut out sides & make sure they will match up appropriately with whatever wheels you will be using. I'm using milk jug caps & for central part of wheel water bottle caps. For the side I used heavy cardstock type material & for the 2 base pieces corrugated cardboard. I use a wooden dowel to make axles with & melt hole through plastic caps with hot glue gun then force wooden dowel through. I then fill inner parts of cap with hot glue.

Step 2: Making Ms. & the Rest of the Body & Inner Support As Well As Adding Windows.

I decided to add Ms. Chan figure inside the back of the Sushi-2-Go van. I sketched her out on a piece of cardstock and used gel pens to color her in. I cut the window in the side panel where she would be serving her magic through & made a bit of a canopy over it. I cut out the windows and would later be adding transparent plastic yellow sheets to glue inside each window frame. For central support & to provide roof's convex shape I cut a piece of corrugated cardboard making it slightly larger than the outer panels & hot glued it to the upper base cardboard. I then added the rear, roof panel one piece that extends all the way to the windshield glass. After that I made the front hood covers right and left as well as the grille.

Step 3: Spray Painting Base Colors & Doing All the Detail Work.

I sprayed the base purple color on and allowed it to dry. I then placed round stickers and spray on the yellow. After that I did all other detail work with gel pens and acrylic paints. I made the windshield frame & added in the yellow transparent plastic for all the windows. I used tweezers to hot glue Ms. Chan in her spot in the back of the van where the magic would occur. BTW, her eggrolls are simply the best!

Step 4: Ready to Serve Those Omega 3's.

Spongebob & Patrick approves, first customers actually (Shhh, don't tell Mr. Krabs) Ms. Chan has been warned about Plankton.

Step 5: Ms. Chan Is So Nice & Ready to Serve Your Tastebuds.

Always a smile on her face.

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