Ms. PacMan Arcade Machine (HOMEMADE)

If your good at wood work this is easy to do. You do not need to be good at electronics to make this.
This project cost me a total of $120 to make. Took me about 3 days. You'll need a old style CRT TV.
A 27" is what I used. Basically take all the measurements of the TV your working with first. Then you want to build a frame around the TV. It's pretty easy. Make sure your frame is nice and snug to the TV and ad supports at the bottom because those old TV's
weigh a lot. Next you'll  want to get some table legs from Lowes or make your own. Attach the legs to the frame and make sure 
your legs are tall enough. You want to make sure it's a good height for everyone to play at. Next you want to ad some panels of plywood. You'll need four pieces. Cut all according to the width and length of you legs. You want to leave a gap  between
the legs and the plywood. (look at the picture) You'll need that opening for the lights to shine threw. Then make the top piece
that goes over the TV. I used plexi glass under neath but you don't have to.  Measure the top the frame. Make a square 2" bigger on all sides out of plywood. Next measure your TV screen. Cut out a a square for the screen and make sure the square is center.
Next you want to make a picture frame around the top of the cut out.  Next find your power button for your TV and drill a hole where the power button will be on the square top piece. You might need to do this for other buttons as well depending on your TV. The Tv I used I never had to touch the channel or volume button even after unplugging but yours could be different. Drill the frame to the square top piece and then drill the top 
piece to the frame around the TV. Almost there, Just a few more steps to go! Now before you put the door on you have to make
a box that holds the joystick. You will be using a Atari joystick so you need to measure that. The 2 main thing on this part is make sure your joystick is framed in nice and tight and make sure you drill out a big enough hole on top so the joystick moves freely
and has no restrictions. (Look at picture) Okay, now put the door on with a couple hinges and a handle. All done with the wood work. Now get your Atari, rope lights and power strip. Hook the Atari up to the TV and use zip ties that can be screwed to the inside
for the rope lights. (Look at picture of inside) Drill out a small hole if you need to for the joystick cord to go to the atari. Get out a glue gun and get creative with the button for the TV power. You just need something to set in the hole that can push on the button. I used a sprinkler piece and a button from a old remote glued to a screw. Works good. Next you'll want to paint or stain it. Then Print  some pictures and stick them on there. I used pictures from Google images and used glossy printer paper. For the final touches I used a shifter knob from a car and fit it over the joystick. The handle I used on there was from a boat. That's it! you are now ready to play MS. PACMAN or whatever game you want. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions.



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    5 years ago

    WOW is all i have to say. That awesome!