Mt.Fuji Knit Hat




Mt. Fuji is a well-known symbol of Japan.
I knitted hat with the motif of this beautiful mountain for my son.


Step 1: You'll Need

2 balls blue yarn (100g Ski Bambi Mono Color #704)
1/2 ball white yarn (25g Ski Bambi Mono Color #701)
Circular needles (size 8mm, 50cm long)
and scissors, yarn needle...

Step 2: Cast On

Cast on 48 stitches.(To fit kids' size)
approx. 3stitches = 1inch. 3.5rows = 1inch in stockinette stitch on 8mm needles

Step 3: Ribbing

row1 to 15
Begin with 1by1 ribbing using blue color.

Step 4: Knit

row16 to 27
Work in stockinette stitch. 
And start using white color yarn from row28 as a snowcap.(fllowing chart on next step...)

Step 5: Snowscape

row28 to 37
Knit hat as given in pattern using white and blue yarn. (follow the knit chart)

Step 6: Finishing

Start decreasing.
row38: knit 2 stitches together every 8 stitches=42stitches.
row39: knit round
row40: knit 2 stitches together every 7 stitches=36stitshes.
row41: knit round
row42: knit 2 stitches together every 2 stitches=18stitches.

Cut yarn, leaving enough for closing.
Weave yarn trough the top of the hat and pull loosely and weave in end to shape the top a slightly flat as with Mt. Fuji.
Weave in loose ends.


Step 7: Done!

Feel with Mt. Fuji (FUJISAN)!

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I also can't do knit a complicated things. This hat is not a hard thing to do once you get used to it :)

    Awesome! Thanks for showing the inside of that hat too! I always wonder how people switch colors and assume it must be magic since no one shows the back of their pieces :D

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