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Introduction: MudGuard for Flip Flops

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I take flip flops as my daily footwear. I am working in a family warehouse and we are not bound to wear uniforms or formal apparels as long as they are polite and comfortable for working. Now we are entering rainy season here in Indonesia. I always love rains, cool and cozy. But one thing I hate is the mud on my calves when I walk into the rain or after rain. Maybe some of you feel the same way, moreover when we are wearing light-colored trousers.

Surfing the net in rainy day, I found something interesting and suddenly I find a way to solve this problem.

Step 1: The Walk Cycle

Looking at a walk cycle clipart, I then find out how sprinkles of mud happen. I added flip flop in the clipart and there you can see the mud flows to the calf when the flip flop hits the heel. I never pay attention to such that thing before. I always wonder how the mud comes up even if I walk very slowly.

Step 2: Material

The simple material I can find around is cardboard. Cut two pieces of cardboard to the shape of swimming fins. The sizes depend on your feet. I made one pair laying from the ball of my foot until 2 inches beyond the flip flops end. The rear sides are spread out one inch from the left and right of my flip flops.

Step 3: Let's Walk Through the Rain

Mariah Carey is my favorite singer since the 90's. Then I was happily singing the song and walk Through The Rain with this pair of mudguard for a test.

The result was (see photo #2) the left one (bottom of the cardboard) got sprinkles of mud while the right one (upper part of cardboard) got raindrops. My feet were free of mud but raindrops ^_^

Cardboard (box) is easily found around us. But I am sure you can make a better mudguard. Let's see what you come up with ... plastic bottles, 3D printed materials, or an other materials you can use to cover your feet and trousers from mud.

Now I love rain more than ever ...



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    1 year ago

    Wonderful idea and thank you for sharing.

    1 reply

    That, sir, is how genius finds a simple solution to a problem. Great idea!

    1 reply

    Haha, I really could use these! At our wedding rehersal it had rained that morning and my flipflops somehow managed to throw mud right on my husband's forehead. XD

    1 reply

    Haha.. see.. now you know how to escape such situation on rainy days :D